White Blend
    Sicily, Italy
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Poised to become the “next” Pinot Grigio, Inzolia is a once-obscure Sicilian native whose time has come (and Inzolia’s time in the spotlight is a looooong time coming). The precise origin of Inzolia is unclear, though a grape that goes by the name Irziola is mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia. And most experts in the field agree that Inzolia came to Sicily by way of the ancient Greeks. It is also the same delicious grape that goes by the name Ansonica in Tuscany.

After a Sourcing trip to Sicily, our team knows two things for a fact. 1) Inzolia is delicious—fresh, with heaps of white peach aromatics rounded out by a touch of nutty almond and refreshing on the tongue thanks to its crisp character and bright, herbaceous finish. And 2) Palazzo Malgara’s rendition of this Sicilian secret is one of the best values in Italian whites and gives Pinot Grigio a run for its money in terms of versatility at the table, too. Drink this fresh, unoaked white with seafood, salads and light chicken dishes.

·       Palazzo Malgara is a relatively new winery, launched in 1990 by two well-known Italian winemakers with a desire to delve deeply into southern Italy’s native varietals.

·       This fruit-forward red spent a brief 6 months in neutral oak barrels, leaving the wine’s naturally ripe and tangy character blissfully intact.

·       The largest of the Mediterranean’s many beautiful islands, Sicily is also the largest wine region in Italy and is increasingly significant as a source for excellent, value-packed imports.

·       The Wine Advocate rated the 2015 vintage in Sicily with 92 points or “Outstanding.”


Cosimo Loia's estate is situated on the eastern slopes of the hills outside Montalcino. The entire property covers an area of approximately 15 hectares (37 acres) at an altitude of 310 meters (about 1,000 feet). Originally from Benevento (in Campania), Cosimo came to "Brunello land" when he married a woman from Montalcino. He fell in love with this part of Tuscany as well, and during the 1980s began to dedicate himself to wine. Palazzo's vineyards encompass 5 hectares (12 acres) and are located next to fine producers like Cerbaiona and Salvioni. There have been major structural changes in the estate over the past few years: the arrival of consulting enologist Fabrizio Ciufoli has raised the quality level, and the production has also benefited from investment that included replacing most of the traditional casks with large Slavonian oak barrels, with a few barriques added for balance. This formula has given new life to the estate, which is now managed by Cosimo's daughter Elia.