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The Terras do Cigarron Godello is a vibrant Spanish white. A beautiful bouquet of lemon and pineapple is complimented by hints of white flowers. Bright acidity melts into stone & citric fruits: peaches, pineapple, honeydew, and a slight creaminess. Medium-bodied with a mellow mouthfeel, and a quick zing of acidity that is just enough for me, all leading into an easy finish. - JZ August 2017

    100% Godello
    Monterrei, Spain
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Vibrant and heady, this bottle seduced our sourcing team at first sip. From the ancient and storied region of Monterrei in Northern Spain, the native Godello grape transforms our understanding of the beauty of Spanish white wine. It’s luxurious, silken flavors of lime zest, fresh golden apple, delicate grass flowers, and brioche attest that this is a bottle worthy of heroes.

Why we love it:

  • What a view! This is the landscape of heroic stories. As northwest Spain blends into Portugal, the high slopes of Monterrei plunge dramatically into the valley floor with vines following every twist of the lands’ contours. Unlike the surrounding areas, the Godello vines which ripen gloriously golden grapes ripen through the warm summers on their way to glassfuls of glory.
  • The return of greatness. The grape Spaniards call Godello was rescued from near extinction in the 1980s. Now Godello (AKA Gouveio in Portugal) claims nearly 3,000 acres of vineyards in Monterrei near Galicia in north west Spain where the terrain makes it difficult to tell Portugal from Spain.
  • About that mask. Southeast of Galicia you’ll find one of the Europe’s most over-the-top carnivals in Monterrei. This Mardi Gras-esque celebration of the precious time of rebirth between winter and spring features amazing masks honoring ancient family lineages. The famed Cigarrón mask, with its dramatic sweeping headpiece and hauntingly familiar face, celebrates this festival, this history, and this sense of rebirth.

A gorgeous and vibrant straw yellow color and heady lime rind, pear, field flowers, and fresh baguette: this is a distinctly Galician glassful. The Godello aromas of hay, apple and pear predominate with intense hints of wild flowers and subtle nuances of lime citrus. On the palate, the wine is intense and upfront, with a depth and structure that derives from lees contact, and a long, persistent finish.


In the southeast corner of Galicia lies the Monterrei wine appellation. Here, within towns such as Verín, the “Entroido” is the local carnival celebrating the lead up to the Lenten season and is one of the most spectacular carnivals in Europe. The Entroido actually originates from the ancient pagan fertility ritual of celebrating the passage of winter into spring and new life (the term is related to “entretiempos,” or “between the times”). It is this same ancient and deeply historical concept that has created carnival celebrations all over the world, such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, or the famous Carnival in Brazil.

In Galicia, the heroes of their version of Mardi Gras are known as “Cigarrónes” and have specific costumes related to their family lineage and history. The famous mask of the Cigarrón adorns the label of Terras de Cigarrón, paying homage to this history and its focus on the celebration of life and new beginnings. 


Pasta in creamy sauce and roast chicken are both spot-on perfect with this bottle.