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The 2012 Deux Blanc from Ramian Estate is a ripe and lush Rhone blend, rich with peach, apricot, vanilla and baking spice form some time in oak.  A delicious wine that is perfect for lovers of Chardonnay, Viognier and domestic whites in general.  Enjoy with fish and chicken dishes, now through 2018. - DZ Feb 2017

    White Blend
    El Dorado, CA
  • SIZE
    50% Viognier and 50% Roussanne

This is your life preserver in the sea of Napa Chardonnay. The 2012 Ramian 9.19 Deux Blancs is no summer-on-the-patio sipper, it’s a bold testament to the power and prowess of traditional white Rhone varietals in the capable hands of the masterful winemaker, Brian Graham.

High altitude Viognier and Roussanne, bold champions of Rhone Valley whites, perfume every pour with orange blossom, nectarine, pear, and mango. High above the heat of California’s valley floors, this beauty approaches that fine point of distinction where elegance meets raw energy and results in a superb white wine more than capable of walking the high wire.

This intensely colored white blend is a heroic, glowing ember of intensity. It’s no casual splash, but rather a “sit by the fireplace and savor it” glass. And unlike many white wines, it has the backbone to stand up to your garlic and rosemary roasted chicken, your earthy roasted mushrooms. So, grab a few, and enjoy the enchanting perfumed power of this Rhone Ranger white.

Why We Love It
The El Dorado mountainside vineyard is perched 3,000 feet above the Sierra Foothills. This red rock and gravel perch ensure that the Viognier and Roussanne bunches are tightly wound clusters of small berries. Sheer, unadulterated intensity ensues.
Winemaker Brian Graham launched his wines with the vision of moving toward old-world elegance. During harvest, on September 19th, the full impact of his passion came into view: his daughter was born. Thus we now enjoy the 9.19 Deux Blancs as both a tribute to the birth of his daughter and the creation of this fabulous wine.


The deep golden color is as inviting as it is rich. The tropical fruit nose bursts with melon, blood orange, white peach, and fresh flowers. Enjoy well chilled to enhance the citrus notes and, as the glass warms, smell as the floral and tropical notes bloom.


This is our art, our craft.  These wines are from the heart. We pour our soul into these wines and consider them our legacy. We want each wine to always convey that. We want people to fall in love with the consistent quality, elegance, and age-worthy nature of our wine; the pure expression and uniqueness of the vineyards and techniques that created each wine.

With minute quantities produced by comparison. Only selecting the very best barrels for these wines, regardless of production size outcome. Focusing on over-delivering for the price.

No Exceptions. Without compromise.


We’re taking a few suggestions from Ramian’s own “From our Table.”
BBQ with Thai chicken and pineapple sounds damn good. But so does spicy maple apple ribs with apple and cucumber slaw. However you go, just make sure to play your food off of the fruity sumptuousness of this wine. Cheese and charcuterie? Spicy mango compote will get you there. Black beans and rice? Just add papaya and hot peppers to round it all out.