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Tropical, Easy-Drinking, Spanish. Need I Say More?

Some of my favorite flavors are from tropical fruits. It just rings in my ears as a super refreshing category that's making my mouth water just thinking about it. Give me a bowl of pineapple and guava any day! Those are the flavors that we often expect from the Spanish whites, and just so with this Verdejo from Melior. This is a wine I can too easily finish in a few gulps. 

Pina colada on the nose. A pineapple palate with tones of white guava and starfruit. Light-bodied and complemented with high, mineral-driven acidity. Spain is nice this time of year, and it's this type of wine the Spaniards are drinking for those hot afternoons. 92 Points - JZ May '18

    Rueda D.O., Castilla y León, Spain
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Given the very limited distribution in the states, we were thrilled to get our hands on this wine (and others . . . ) from Bodega Matarromera, one of the most prestigious wineries in Rueda.

  • Bodega Matarromera keeps on winning award after award, across the international scene, and throughout the company’s entire development from 1988 to the present.  And it’s really no wonder, given its strong sustainability business ethic, state-of-the-art winemaking facility, incorporation of traditional techniques, and focus on hospitality and tourism--not to mention the fantastic wines.
  • Owner Carlos Moro definitely keeps with the local varietal traditions of Rueda and neighboring Ribera del Duero: his massive facilities (over 2,000 barrels), which are partially buried the hillside of the Duero Valley, are currently housing top Crianzas, Reservas, and Gran Reservas for ageing and bottling, but he was sure to set aside a small parcel of vineyard hectares for this Verdejo as well, and lent just as much passion and attention to detail to it as as he did to his Tempranillos and Tinto Finos.
  • The Melior Verdejo is light, fresh, elegant, with easy-drinking tropical fruit flavors and calibrated acidity giving way into a pleasantly bitter finish--absolutely perfect for the warmer weather we’re all about to be enjoying.

This wine has a very clean taste to it. On the nose, you'll find tropical fruit flavors along with a fresh grass smell. On the palate you'll find that it is medium bodied with light acidity. It provides the perfect combination of freshness with a hint of fruity sensation.


From the winery:

Bodegas Matarromera are found right in the heart of the Ribera de Duero. Its facilities are partially buried in the north hillside of the Duero Valley with beautiful views that towers above the whole valley of the municipal district of Valbuena de Duero in Valladolid. Matarromera is born with clear international successes and keeps on wining most prestigious awards and recognition already enjoyed over its whole business development. Bodegas Matarromera applies a superb technology for best quality winemaking. It also incorporates a temperature-control and stainless steel vats and equipments. Bodegas Matarromera winemaking capacity reaches 650,000 litres.


This easy to drink wine will pair nicely with mediterranean seafood, pork, or a nice vegetarian dish.