Happy Canyon, Santa Barbara County, California
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Normally $35! A tiny-production, super-high-quality producer usually only found on restaurant wine lists for much more than $35, even!

Here is the Zinke winemaking mission: “We make unapologetic, site-specific wines that represent the land they come from. But at the end of the day, wine is best shared over a good meal with those you love. We just want you to have as much fun enjoying our wines as we do making them.”

Trust your Napa Valley wine merchant! You’ll know what this means when you taste this lovely, silky, complex Syrah, from a single vineyard in Happy Canyon, down in Santa Barbara. The Jack McGinley Vineyard is an exceptional site made, famous by the likes of Adam Tolmach of Ojai, and more recently culty brands like Le Mistral and Habit. The site has only a foot and a half of topsoil, beneath which is shale. The wines from these poor soils are amazingly flavorful, because the vine’s energy is concentrated on maturing its fruit, rather than on producing leaves.

There’s oodles of wild blackberries and blackberry conserves, mint, dark cocoa, toasted spices...with great freshness too. This is medium-bodied wine, with fine balance, and Zinke even recommends chilling it down a bit if you’re going to drink it poolside, which sounds absolutely perfect to us!! 

Just 181 cases were made, and this fine wine is $19 today! Amazing! We have 30 cases... While it lasts!