Marlborough, New Zealand
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The 2019 received a 95-POINT Decanter score -- we got the jump on the 2020. Don’t miss at this awesome price!

Will this wine score 95 points again? It sure tastes like it!! So zesty, mouth-watering, electric and crackling, with gooseberry and exotic fruits -- bone dry and irresistibly delish!! $14! Amazing! 

"Brent Marris grew up on some of the very first vineyards in Marlborough, planted by his father. As a young winemaker, he was responsible for the development of two major New Zealand wine brands – Oyster Bay and Wither Hills. Tapping into this deep well of knowledge, Brent selected a number of outstanding local sites as base for a venture to create his own family legacy – Marisco Vineyards."

Leefield is the latest of a series of incredible vineyard developments in Waihopai Valley, and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Read a bit about them HERE, if you like. 

Priced to bring a tear to the eye, you’ll be drinking this zippy little SB all summer, and when you get low, we promise you’ll be thinking “Man, I should have bought more…!”

We have about 35 cases today -- get it while we have it!