Tuscany, Italy
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A single vineyard charmer, you’ll wander the Tuscan countryside with each mouthwatering sip. An insider tip from our sourcing team: grab some olive oil, fresh bread, and you favorite hard Italian cheese for an Italian stay-cation in a bottle!

A Natural Beauty. Naturally made, this unfined and unfiltered delivers the full spectrum of Tuscan Sangiovese. The defining grape of Italy happily offers up its juicy strawberry and spice framed by scents of earth and red cherries. Ah yes….the perfect food wine.

Transcendent Tuscan. We think a trip to Tuscany is always a great idea. Just close your eyes, take a sip, and envision yourself strolling through vineyards that line the rolling hills under the Tuscan sun. In 2012, that sun shone brightly through the vintage and Sangiovese bunches glimmered like handfuls of dusty rubies. Oh look, a grove of olive trees. Let’s have a rest in the shade. Break out that picnic and stay a while before trudging back off to reality.

Dynamic Duo. There’s a partnership that naturally occurs in winemaking. From the vineyard (soil, clone, elevation, aspect), each hand that touches the vines and fruit on its way to the cellar has an impact. Which is why winemaker Blake Yarger and consulting winemaker Maurizio Castelli (we’re jealous of both names) work under the same philosophical moon in spite of being several time zones apart.


The opening of the 2013 Saimuun Sangiovese begins with a sense of kirsch liqueur, musk, and dried strawberry. It then flows to more earthy tones including Porcini mushrooms, warm spices, and anise. The next layer of flavors unveil as tobacco, rhubarb, blood orange dipped in dark chocolate, black cherry, and a mouth-watering juiciness that brings you back for more. This wine has all the traditional Sangiovese qualities one expects – dusty, musky, and cedar – with firm tannins.


A renegade approach and a love of the land inspired our Founder Nan McEvoy to purchase this 550-acre sprawling ranch in West Marin County in 1990.

Inspired by her love of Tuscan olive oil, Nan engaged Dr. Maurizio Castelli, a leading authority on agriculture, to recommend the best olive varieties for our unique setting. Fast-forward twenty years and McEvoy Ranch is one of the preeminent leaders in certified organic, extra virgin olive oil. A favorite of chefs – both at home and in restaurants that favor the farm-to-table approach.

Certified by the Leaping Bunny organization, our 80 Acres Beauty Collection is infused with 100% organic olive oil and botanicals. The products, inspired by the scents and aromas on the estate, can be found in exclusive spas throughout the globe and in premium retailers.

To maintain a healthy balance with our natural surroundings only 15% of our acreage is planted. This purposeful strategy aligns with our strong commitment to ensure we provide good land stewardship for our olive orchards, grape vineyards, and other fruits, vegetables, and flora grown on the estate.

Beginning with the 2010 vintage, we handcrafted limited-edition wine offerings showcasing the impact of the Petaluma Gap's breezes and our distinct soil. In keeping with our history, we grow several Mediterranean varietals in addition to Pinot Noir and Viognier.

Nion McEvoy, Nan's son, became CEO in 2014. In 2016, McEvoy Ranch introduced Saimuun wines showcasing non-estate vineyard blocks as well as expanded our Culinary Collection. The first twenty-five years were amazing. We are just as excited for the next chapter in our never-ending story.


Porcini mushrooms and tapenade on fresh bread, salumi and hard cheese sandwiches, this bottle is great for laid back dinners and spur-of-the-moment picnics.