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The Brut Rose from Casa Valduga is a juicy and robust wine made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grown in the Vale dos Vinhedos in southern Brazil.  The wine has an expressive palate of red raspberry, red cherry and and rose petals.  The bubbles are impressive, small and persistent, and the hint of sweetness is very pleasant.  Enjoy now through 2020. - DZ Dec 2016

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Fresh and light, laced with aromas of exotic tropical fruit, the 2014 Casa Valduga Arte Tradicionale Sparkling Rosé is the perfect reprieve from winter’s chilly bite. It makes enjoying sweatpants by the fire every bit a luxurious as lounging on the beach.

Made in the classic méthode champenoise from 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir, the Arte Tradicionale Rosé balances classic delicacy with tropical vibrancy. Gentle flavors of white flowers and peaches, playful hints of papaya and lychee, toasty bread notes which nod to 12 months aged on its lees, all wrapped up in a glass that glows with the pink embers of a beachside sunset.
Four generations and 140 years after the Famiglia Valduga planted vines in the Vale dos Vinhedos, Luiz Valduga and his family still own and operate Casa Valduga. Luiz modernized the winery, ensuring that his family’s long tradition of outstanding winemaking could continue forward with all the latest technology and sustainability. With such remarkable wines being produced, it’s no wonder that Brazil, the third largest wine producer in South America, has Argentina and Chile looking over their shoulders.

Vale dos Vinhedos, Brazil’s premier wine growing region, lies just west of those famed white, sandy beaches in the southern part of the country. The lush, steep hills are dotted with big rocks and Italian style homes which hint at the Italian immigrants who first settled here in the late 1800s. The wines and people today are Brazilian, but their roots and heritage are Italian. It is this blend that make Vale dos Vinhedos the wine mecca of Brazil and Casa Valduga its most renowned stewards.

The Story to Know:

The Famiglia Valduga’s story starts in the rolling hills of Northern Italy. The family pulled up its roots and headed for Brazil. And they weren’t alone.

Italy’s unification brought on great agricultural modernization in the late 1800s, leaving many grape growers and farmers out of work. In 1875 Famiglia Valduga transplanted their Italian roots from Rovereto in Northern Italy to Brazil. The voyage was no luxury cruise, but the long journey was worth it when they set their roots down in the heart of what would later become Brazilian wine country: Serra Gaúcha. Four generations and 140 years later, the region bears the name Vale dos Vinhedos (Vineyard Valley) and is synonymous with quality wine.

Now, equipped with a very modern winery and the sublime tradition of generations, Casa Valduga is taking Brazilian wine to the world stage. Casa Valduga wines are available in 20 countries across 5 continents, with her remarkable sparkling wines


The label features sophisticated clear salmon pink and bright color, with flowers and fruits’ scent, reminding peach and ripe apricot, which comes from the 12 months maturing. Young and charming, the newest member of the winery's portfolio matches with light and relaxed moments.Composition of 60% of the variety Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir.


To speak of Casa Valduga, we must look to its main principles: working as a family and constant innovation.
Creativity runs in the veins of the Valduga family, as does determination and the desire to turn dreams into reality. Since the first Valduga, who left Italy to travel to the Americas, up to the third generation, which runs Casa Valduga today, these values have remained constant and can be appreciated by those who delve into this enchanting world filled with history.


It can be enjoyed with seafood and white meat dishes, and it can make refreshing cocktails for the holidays ahead.