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With a pretty pink-salmon color, this Pinot Noir-based blush is rich and full-bodied.  Beautifully toasted, with impressive apricot and orange peel and just a hint of grilled nuts on the nose.  Crisp, dry and delicate, it has considerable weight.  The acidity and freshness and yeasty tang lift it up to elegance.  Impossible not to fall in love with, enjoy this year through 2024. - DZ Dec 2015

This is everything we look for when sourcing wines - especially those we import exclusively for invino Members. Owner-Grower Champagne that's never seen US soil, it was produced with pure care and a passion that is visible from the first glisten that shines thru the glass. Super small production Champagne that amongst 300+ in one tasting stood out like a Prima Donna on opening night, when I first tasted it with the winery and again when it landed here in Sonoma, had me saying, 'this is one elegant, amazing wine".

Leading like eye-candy, that moves to exquisiteness on the nose, it shows a complex palate, intermingling berry and hints of ripe fruit. Smooth with tannins that are there - but in no way stealing the show, it's the definition of Champagne spéciale. - DW

    Champagne, France
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Glittering with wild red berries. Glamorously delicate with creamy bubbles. And gorgeously effusive with a fruit-stand array of bright aromatics, this Rosé Champagne is as beautiful going down as it looks in the glass. It’s also a Member exclusive, which will make you the envy of your neighborhood and a regular invitee to every party going this holiday season.

Lete Vautrain crafts its Rosé Champagne from 60% Pinot Meunier, 20% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, and the large degree of Meunier accounts for this bubbly’s expressive notes of super ripe red grapes and berries along with savory forest-floor hints. The palate is fleshy for Champagne and more than buxom enough to pair this with food—from elegant hors d’oeuvres to main courses of fish, poultry, heck even red meat!

Tiny any way you look at it, the family-owned estate of Lete-Vautrain consists of just
8 hectares of vines, which makes for such a miniscule amount of fine sparkling wine few outside of France have ever tried it. This Champagne house has an annual production of 7000 cases, making it a truly boutique gem in a region best known for massive commercial wineries. This wee Direct Import is also invino’s top-selling label from Champagne, and for all the right reasons.

Reasons why we love it:

Most Champagnes enjoyed stateside (as well as in France) are produced from big Champagne houses who purchase their fruit or juice from local growers. Fortunately for lovers of small-production, hand-crafted Champagne, there has been a strong trend for many of these family farms to begin vinifying and bottling their Champagnes themselves, rather than selling off the fruits of their labor. While not always profitable, the result are a host of quirky—oftentimes astonishingly tasty—bottles of bubbly that better represent their unique place of origin over some flashy conglomerate’s “house style.”

Lete-Vautrain sits in the western Vallee du Marne, a significant sub zone of Champagne and one that is distinguished by the Pinot Meunier grape. Pinot Meunier makes for highly aromatic, soft bubblies with woodsy notes and a certain earthy character and while the variety remains obscure in the U.S. it is on par with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in terms of quality.


The color is sparkling and salmon hue. After a first floral and elegant nose with notes of roses, his nose becomes more complex and opens with aromas of fresh grapes between which intertwine fine notes of red berries.The fleshy mouth and very fruity is characterized by delicate notes of raspberry and wild strawberry. Finally, very light tannins come conclude the final finish.


From the winery:

We strive to produce champagnes expressive, round and balanced delight the taste buds.
They are drawn from three Champagne grape varieties. Pinot Meunier dominant grape in the Marne Valley, gives bouquet and roundness, Pinot Noir, structure and length. Finally, Chardonnay completes the assembly with a touch of freshness and aging potential.

Thus, terroir, varietals and expertise allow us to offer champagne to the highest quality.


The palate is fleshy for Champagne and more than buxom enough to pair this with food—from elegant hors d’oeuvres to main courses of fish, poultry, heck even red meat!