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I really love Rose from Corbieres, the varietals are rich and flavorful and the climate is just perfect.  It’s even better when you can find a bottle under $20, this tasty example from Gerard Bertrand is delicious and comes in well under $15.  I found lush strawberry and watermelon on the nose, with a perfect balance between the intense fruit and vibrant acidity on the palate.  The wine has a big presence but manages to come across as delicate at the same time.  Drink on a warm day or with thanksgiving dinner, now through 2018. - DZ Aug 2016


2015 Gerard Bertrand 'Hedo' Rose
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    Languedoc-Roussillon, France
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From Gérard Bertand, recently named “European Winery of the Year” by the Wine
Enthusiast as well as “Red Winemaker of the Year” by the International Wine Challenge, this is a top-shelf rosé that cures those end-of-summer blues.

The grape blend is typical for dry rosé from the South of France—about 60% Grenache and 40% Mourvédre. But rosé wines from the well-established A.O.C. of Corbières are some of the best pink wines made on Earth. This part of France’s Languedoc-Roussillon was first planted by the ancient Romans. The soil is high in silica, clay and limestone and the hot midi sun is tempered here by cool breezes from the Mediterranean Sea, making Corbieres rosé a dead-ringer for those fancier rosés from trendy Provence—that is, at a much more down-to-Earth pricepoint.

Languedoc-Roussillon native Gérard Bertrand’s take on Corbières rosé is absolutely dry and exceedingly fresh but with tons of forward berry and peach fruit on both the nose and the palate. A hint of mint leaf and zippy citrus infuse the taste of this wildly enjoyable rosé. Drink it with seafood salads and soups or a picnic plate of cheeses and salumi. Lovers of Provencal pinks will adore this zesty wine, best served outdoors during these last few summery eves!

Reasons why we love it:

Hedo is an abbreviation for hedonism—an apt descriptor for a wine that is absolutely impossible to consume in moderation.

This label is strongly committed to sustainable agriculture and viticulture. Gérard Bertrand has longstanding contracts with organic farmers throughout the Languedoc Roussillon, and many of Bertrand’s estate vineyards strictly follow biodynamic guidelines and are certified by DEMETER.

A native of the South of France, Gérard Bertrand was raised among the vines and had studied oenology—albeit unofficially at first!—since the age of 10. As a native, his knowledge of the local soils, hills, winds and vines gives him an understanding of the science of grape growing and winemaking in this locale that is unparalleled.


Hedo is a promise of hedonism in between the pleasures of the senses and the Mediterranean Lifestyle. An original wedding of wine varietals offering a floral and fruity balance. This authentic and elegant wine marked by its origins is an invite to savor completely the tasting moment.


Gerard Bertrand is well-known for producing fantastic wines at excellent prices. Wine Enthusiast recently announced Gerard Bertrand the "European Winery of the Year" stating, "Both landowner and partner of the best winegrowers in the South of France, Gerard Bertrand manages over 325 hectares of vineyards across varying Languedoc terroirs. He fully understands the movement toward expressive, well-balanced and elegant wines that remain accessible and affordable."


Best of all, this blast of freshness and vivid fruit is a knockout with the kinds of foods we love as the days grow longer and warmer. Tomatoes, black olives, fresh seafoods and spicy Mediterranean flavors are made even tastier when gulped down with plentiful glassfuls of this French rosé.