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This is an incredible bottle of brut rose from Bellefleur de Haute Serre in Cahors.  Made from 100% Malbec, this unique wine shows refined candied red fruit over a toasty and well balanced foundation.  Pouring with plenty of fine bubbles and a beautiful pink hue, the wine is fresh and elegant and ready for your New Year's Eve celebrations.  Expect raspberry, cranberry and a hint of grapefruit on the supple and mouth watering palate.  Highly recommended for bubby aficionados to enjoy now through 2025. - DZ Apr 2016

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When we sent our Sourcing Team to France with the directive of bringing back a delicious sparkling rosé for our Direct Import programs we assumed such a discovery would take place in Champagne or the Loire—perhaps even the Languedoc. Never in a million years, did we imagine the wine would be 100% Malbec and from a strange little backwater of a region just east of Bordeaux!

So yes, stranger things have never happened, not around here anyway. One sip is all its takes, however, to be convinced that sparkling wine from Cahors makes perfect sense. This Direct Import is invino CEO Tony Westfall’s pick for house bubbly this holiday season—delivering all the charm and forward fruitiness of the best Rosé Champagne, along with fine, caressing bubbles and that inestimable hue—somewhere between raspberry and salmon in color. This is the sort of sparkling wine that gets parties going and keeps them festive until way too late!

Reasons why we love it:

Recent offerings from Chateau de Haute-Serre, including a 92-point Spectator score for its 2010 red Malbec, have placed this estate among the very finest in all of the appellation and the absolute equal in quality of many classed Bordeaux estates just to the west.

This wine is made by the George Vigouroux Company, which discovered the derelict Chateau de Haute Serre in the 1970s. Haute Serre was actually founded back in 1887, garnering lots of attention throughout France for its stupendous wines. It was unfortunately abandoned in the late 1800s after a scourge with phylloxera wiped out all of the vines. George Vigouroux replanted and invested heavily in the land, bringing it back up to the level of it was held a hundred years earlier as one of the top producers of Cahors.

While known as one of the most tough and tannic grape varieties on the planet, Malbec is capable of producing a wine of insane beauty, finesse and power. The Malbecs of Cahors in particular are generally big, beefy, tannic monsters for hearty foods and heartier palates.


Bright cherry-copper colored. Nose of white cherries, roses, chalk and sea breeze. On the palate this is fresh and bright and tangy yet it shows a rounded texture. Flavors of cherries and wild strawberries play off of chalky, floral and oceanic elements, with hints of toasted biscuits. 


The history of Château de Haute-Serre is the story of a meeting between a man of passion and a terroir.

At the beginning of the 1970s, Georges Vigouroux, the third generation of a family of broker-maturers, was looking for a place on the slopes to replant a vineyard of Malbec on its historical terroir. After two years searching he discovered Château de Haute-Serre, that had been abandoned since the destruction of the vineyard by phylloxera at the end of the 19th century.

Juniper bushes and stunted oaks had overrun the land for nearly a century. As he knew that up to 1880 this estate had produced one of France’s greatest wines - Château de Haute Serre rubbed shoulders with Château Margaux and wines from Pommard on the menus for great meals of the time - Georges Vigouroux took up the challenge to bring about the rebirth of the estate.

It was a true a stroke of genius. Georges Vigouroux could feel from the beginning that this site bathed in sun from the first hours of the day, whose stony clay-rich soil was ideal to produce grapes for a Great Wine, was truly predestined for the perfect ripening of Malbec grapes. His action has confirmed the vinegrowing choices made intuitively by previous generations. The grape variety itself has since amply proved just how well it is adapted to the slopes of Cahors.


A very pretty bubbly, and a great pairing with sushi.