Rhone Blend
    Côtes du Rhône
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Fans of Rhône blends and classically-styled Châteauneuf du Papes should hurry on down to Buy Now to snag a decent stash of this Château Mont-Thabor Côtes du Rhône (esp because it’s so generously priced at only $14!). You may of course return to read our ramblings, just make sure to stock up first. This won’t last and you need this for your Tuesday night hangar steak tacos (trust us on this).

A favorite producer amongst our buying team, we love that this incredibly priced CdR drinks like a baby Châteauneuf. It has a lovely fresh texture with notes of strawberries, plums, sweet tobacco leaf and warm mulling spices. It glides across the palate with utter finesse. It’s simply delicious. And we wouldn’t be doing our job if we weren’t finding you, our dear friends, delicious wines to enjoy (at 50% off retail no less!).

The estate has been family-owned since 1881. Current winemaker and proprietor Daniel Stehlin has been at the helm since 1977, collaborating with his daughter to improve viticulture and viniculture practices and crafting some of the most elegant and powerful wines in the region. And the critics agree, they’ve received several 90+ scores across the gamut of the main reviewers.

So if you made it this far, we’ll just remind you that shipping is included on 6+ bottles, so if you buy 6 that’s just $84 (it would be $168 at regular retail, but hey, that’s why you have us!). Happy shopping!


Smooth, evenly weighted palate and fresh texture with notes of strawberries, plums, sweet tobacco leaf and warm mulling spices.


Château Mont Thabor was built in the 17th century, deriving it’s name from one of the most famous mountains of Galilee, Israel (widely mentioned in sacred writings for it’s strategic and religious importance). In 1881 Fritz Stehlin bought the estate, continued the established wine making but improved conditions and quality of the wines. In 1940, Luc Stehlin succeeded his great uncle Fritz and continued to improve the viticulture and viniculture practices at the Chateau integrating the utilization of horses in the vineyards. Since 1977 to present day, Daniel Stehlin has followed in the steps of his father Luc, producing some of the most elegant yet powerful wines of the region. He cultivates these unfiltered, rich yet pure red wines from 4 hectares in Chateauneuf du Pape and six hectares in Côtes du Rhône.