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A Taste of the Central Italian Countryside.

That's exactly where this wine will take your palate, into the rolling hillsides of the hidden Le Marche. I first met Simone Santucci at his family's home & winery outside the town of Fermo, and it is as picturesque as you can imagine. The cherry on top? He makes stellar wines that have a keen sense of terroir, I had to bring this one in particular over the pond.

Black cherry, field flowers and earthy leathers on the nose. The palate shows a dry, medium body with red currant, raspberry, anise and fresh leather. The acidity brings out a juicy, long finish. One of my favorite wines, heck that's why I imported it!

94 Points - JZ January '18

    Red Blend
    Le Marche, Italy
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“Sometimes I feel like I am living in a tale, where everything is perfumed by several different smells given from the special union of my vineyards’ plants with the soil, the sky, the crop and the sunflowers that surround them, participating to its unstoppable natural cycle. The perfume that comes from this special union of elements is soft and light, I try to find the same fragrance in my wine too”.

-Simone Santucci, Winegrower

Four Reasons:

  • This Rosso Piceno DOC is a 70/30 blend of the savory Montepulciano and the lustrous Sangiovese, a classic style that shows many faces across the region.
  • Winegrower Simone crafts the wines in his cement tanks, being racked off into French oak for 18 months to be finished off in a Bordelais-style of aging.
  • Beautiful label artwork in dedication to Simone's father Graziano Santucci, painted by a local Le Marche artist.
  • Hand-selected and imported by our Sourcing Manager (known affectionately to you as JZ), these wines are from the gemstone region of Le Marche in Central Italy.

Some bottles are just too good to be true. This remarkable find (courtesy of our oh-so-geeky wine sourcing director) is an unadulterated taste of some of the most magnificent Italian scenery you'll find anywhere.

Richly layered flavors from Montepulciano and Sangiovese play and intermingle like light through the leaves of the vines themselves. Heady berry flavors balanced by freshly cut lavender and violets while grounded by spiced earth leave the indelible impression of these hallowed grounds.

So come with us, bask in the glory of Le Marche's sunshine. Perfectly sized for a country picnic, this bottle packs a punch and at this price, you can take it on every excursion to bring an Italian adventure with you!


*invino maintains excellent cellaring conditions, and strives to sell every bottle in pristine condition. As is standard industry practice, any wine purchased over seven vintage years old, is sold "as is" and may not be returned for any reason.


From the winery:

Graziano Santucci had a vision – he dreamed of owning a parcel of land so that he could produce wines and olive oils that truly express the soul of his home. It was from this dream that Graziano was able to find what he was seeking, a hillside property in his hometown of Montegranaro.

When he began in 1976, nobody thought the area was anything noteworthy, most of the workers going off to work in the shoe factories or farms in other villages. Graziano knew he had found something special. He loved his land, the vines, the fruit and olive trees, the soil, everything. Graziano had a deep connection with this patch of earth, a connection that he wanted to be sure was never lost.

Graziano passed in 1993, leaving his fruitful hillside to his son and new daughter-in-law, Simone & Tiziana. They felt the connection, as Graziano had, and decided it was time to take it to the next step. Simone, then a young and ambitious marchigiano, saw more and more of his father’s vision as he looked over his family’s property. With Tiziana by his side, as ambitious as her husband, Simone set out for his father’s vision: to craft wines that express the soul of the land, wines of terroir.

Today, the area surrounding Montegranaro is known for its richness in agriculture. Many of the jobs that were once lost to the factories have come back to the farms, and the local economy is thriving.

The area of production of Pecorino is identified in the hilly ranges from Macerata until the Abruzzo region. This old vine almost disappeared in the 70s, as a vine of low production, until it was recovered by growers in the Marche. The grape yields wines with excellent structure both alcoholic and total acidity. The grapes are harvested by hand in boxes of 20 kg max. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperature between 18°-20°C in stainless steel barrels. Then the wine remains on the lees until the month of March. Bottle aging between 45 and 60 days.