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The 2013 Terra di Confine is a wonderful blend of Montepulciano and Merlot, power and grace blended into a rich and satisfying package.  Aromatically, there's a combination of sweet, ripe berries and some black pepper.  The deep ruby color is very attractive and in the mouth, the wine shines! Flavors of sweet cherries and raspberries are accented by hints of licorice and pepper.  Very complex and well structured, the wine is very drinkable and yet, it has the stuffing to reward some time in the cellar.  Enjoy now through 2024. - DW

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The top direct import sell-out sensation returns. A wine that has more reorders than any other in its class, Tenuta Vitalonga proves there is beautiful Italian life outside Tuscany and the Sangiovese varietal, although don’t get us wrong we love them too. 

The addition of Merlot adds charm and spice to this dark-hued looker. But our Tasting Panel was all about the rich aromas that they said “speak directly to the principal varietal.” So, cheers to Umbria, the small, land-locked region surrounded by Tuscany, Lazio and Marche, that showed us all its vibrancy in just a couple of sips.

Reasons why we love it
Recently, we came across the term “Super-Umbrian.” This descriptive title seems to embrace a wine with a certain Tuscan charm, but that holds Umbria’s more favorable price point. Okay! We get it! And we apply the descriptor to this powerful cuvée with ease. It is outstanding. Gaining its structure from two easy-drinking varietals that make the wine silky and approachable while not skimping on the dark fruit and plush properties, this vintage showcases one of central Italy’s preferred varietals.

We love what the Maravalle family decided to do with this vintage. It’s like they chose to cheer for the underdog, blending two varieties that are more notably accepted as smaller roles within larger blends. Think of Merlot’s stance with Bordeaux blends or how Montepulciano normally accompanies Sangiovese. But the wonderful kicker is that this blend stands on its own two feet with an abundance of tannins and a color we still can’t get over. It’s so richly pigmented our teeth turn purple just looking at it.

As one of the Italian wine scene’s insider treasures, this Umbria vintage will delight at every occasion. It knows no season and invites you to enjoy now, into the summer and for an easy 5+ more years.


Terra di Confine has an intense ruby red color, with slight purple hints. On the nose, it is complex, with notes of cherry jam, small forest fruits, nutmeg, and cinnamon. In the mouth, it is rich, persistent, caressing, with thick and soft tannins. A wine of great thickness meant for aging.


Luigi Maravalle, after a long courting, finally purchases Vitalonga grounds at the beginning of the 50’s to produce red wine and extra-virgin olive oil. The estate was characterized by Montepulciano and Sangiovese redhead berry grapevines supported with saplings of maple, besides olive-groves and holm oak woods. The harvest was a great party and the toast of good wishes for friends of Luigi was Vitalonga! (long life!)

In the 60’s his son Fabio and his wife Gigliola, him geologist and her long experienced of wine-growing, dedicate themselves with passion and energy to the modernization of the estate and they implant the vineyards again. The vintages were immediately characterized by a high quality of the grapes, particularly redhead ones. While waiting to build their own wine cellar, they are among the founders of the Monrubio.

In the 90’s, their children Gian Luigi and Pier Francesco, supported by the experience and the enthusiasm of their parents and their oenologist friend Riccardo Cotarella, decide to renew the agricultural tradition of the family and give to the estate the actual status.

In 2004 the first vintage in bottle. Although coming from very young plants, wines have shown the great potentialities of the hill. An attitude to produce grapes of great quality known to our family from over half a century of vintages.

A great experience that together with the one of the oenologist friend Riccardo Cotarella has had the worth for the choice of the best vine-habitat matching.

Today Vitalonga estate is characterized by high – quality wines production in a landscape context of particular beauty, the structures for the reception are appreciated from the international eno-tourists, the wines are exported to18 Countries all over the world.


Pair with steak, lamb, braised short ribs, beef stew, and aged cheeses. This is a big, hearty wine for a big, hearty meal!