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We're in love with this easy-drinking red! It's so smooth with ripe fruit flavors, earthy tones, and sweet spice notes. Not to mention it has amazing aging potential! Perfect to pair with your next meal that includes red meat or pork. -Premier Sommelier Team

    Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre
    Russian River
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Russian River's rendition of a traditional Southern Rhône GSM, this is a blend that shows extraordinary quality to value!  Organic (i.e. there's minimal intervention in the vineyard), it's a wine that stands head and shoulders over others in the 'natural' category. Seriously: a wine snobs' organic dream.

The upper Russian River Valley is home to steep hillside vineyards, which stress the vines, giving them more structure and concentration of fruit. Rhône varieties, like Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvedre thrive in the warm daytime temperatures but also benefit from the cooling evening winds and fog of the Petaluma Gap, which shut down sugar production at night and make for greater complexity of flavor. 


From the winemaker:

Syrah brings dark color, backbone and deep notes to the nose. Grenache gives the mid-palate richness and higher floral aromatics while Mourvedre adds structure and spice. 2012 was a remarkable vintage that provided with a bountiful harvest of high quality fruit. Flesh, fruit, intriguing aromas of sandal wood, sweet spices, licorice and a silkiness not unlike a Pinot with a southern accent. This wine shows openness and expressive spicy and fruity flavors with an accessibility that shouldn't make you overlook its aging potential.


From the winery:

Just as wine and food play a balancing act on the table, so do they at Front Porch Farm. Along the Russian river, deep alluvial soils are planted to grains, orchards, and vegetables, while the vineyards find their home on the overlooking hillsides.

For thousands of years, this has been the familiar pattern around the Mediterranean, and those farmers know an abundant table is all the more convivial when paired with wines and foods that share the same terroir.


This is a very food-friendly wine! Pair with a delicious grilled steak or roasted pork dish.