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We’ve been huge fans of Rocca Maura for years now, and they have yet to disappoint, we get no complaints from our loyal customers and the prices are fantastic.  The IGP Red can be called their entry level wine, but even here you find bountiful fruit, fresh acids and harmonious balance.  The 2014 needs a few minutes to breath before gentle aromas of red berries and dark earth show through, leading to a juicy and crowd pleasing palate of black cherry, plum and cassis.  A solid wine for the money and a sure choice for an everyday red.  Enjoy now through 2020. - DZ Jan 2016

INSIDE FACT: Rocca Maura is the Provençal name of the black rock on which was built the castle’s square keep, and gave Roquemaure its name. The castle, deemed Languedoc-Roussillon’s largest, once belonged to the French royal family.
The range of “Rocca Maura” wines of the Gard Protected Geographical Indication is produced in three colours and can be drunk with meals of all styles.



2014 Rocca Maura IGP Red
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Knowing the region where this wine comes from, it's a wine that I fell in love with. It tasted fresh with different layers thru the palate!
great price on an outstanding wine
    Red Blend
    Côtes du Rhône
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    35% Marselan, 25% Syrah, 25% Grenache, 15% Alicante

Picture yourself on a country road in southern France, midway between Tavel—a wine town famous for its amazing rosé—and Châteauneuf-du-Pape, famous for massive and scrumptious reds and whites. It’s much easier to do with a glass of this spectacular bargain, which comes from a winery in the very heart of the southern Rhone Valley.

Much much more than a sum of its largely unfamiliar parts (this 2014 contains 35% Marselan, 25% Syrah and 15% Alicante), this rich and warm French red speaks of its place of origin: lavender dotted hills, medieval villages, robust food and an incredible winemaking history. Violets abound here--in the beautiful, bright color, the nose and even on the palate, which is suffused with Provencal spices, fresh red plums and berries and a hint of perfectly balanced dark chocolate and black licorice. Tannins are smooth and integrated and the finish is shockingly long, particularly considering this is just a simple “country red” with a price to match.

Nothing beats this Direct Import for picnic fare of cold cuts and quiche, but our Tasting Panel also suggest rotisserie chicken, pasta salads and anything featuring black olives. 

Reasons why we love it:

Rocca Maura is a cooperative of more than 60 vintners, all experienced and passionate about their work. Only the very best growers of the region are permitted to join this hallowed group. The Roccca Maura IGP is another Direct Import discovered by our Sourcing Panel right between Tavel and Châteauneuf -du-Pape. The vineyards here are dotted with the same large stones that make Châteauneuf so famous. These stones are said to absorb the daytime heat and reflect it back into the vines after dark.

The Marselan grape is actually a cross of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, created by French agriculturalist Paul Truel in 1961. The name “Marselan” is a derivation of Marseillan a town of France’s southern coast.

Holding substantial land in this stunning section of Frence’s Midi, Rocca Maura farms a total of 360 hectares across both AOC and IGP designated vineyards. Both traditional and international grapes are grown, as the two designations allow, all farmed on the region’s varied and famous soils. Furthermore, the local mistral wind helps to keep this otherwise hot and sunny area cooled down to utter perfection.

The name of this winery comes from the Provencal words for black rock and refers to the place on which Languedoc-Roussillon’s most impressive castle was built hundreds of years ago.


Garnet red, violet reflections. Red fruits, spicy notes. Rich, perfectly balanced, silky tannins, wine rich and lush with finishing notes of licorice. This is a rich and voluptuous wine.

Selected plots in the Vin de Pays production area now called I.G.P.

Consists of a 12-day maceration period with controlled temperatures and a daily pumping over and délestage. Aging takes place over several months in vats. Light filtration during bottling.


The cellar dates back to 1922, when winegrowers from the surrounding villages decided to forget their differences and share their means. Today sixty vintners from nine villages bring their harvests to the cellar and work in common.

The historic building of 1922 remains to this day the heart of our activity. The concrete tanks, built on a horseshoe plan, have been duly maintained and still do signal service―it has long been the fashion to criticise concrete in favour of stainless steel, but the wheel is turning and event the greatest domaines are coming back to concrete, which is less sensitive to temperature changes and better preserves the wines’ character.

A round this heart extensions were added in the course of time and according to need. The latest addition is an air-conditioned 600sqm storeroom for storing bottles and parcels. This investment makes for the quality and reliability of our clients’ supply.


Light meals and simple meals with friends. Cold meats. Serving temperature : 14/15°