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    Paso Robles, California
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Wow again! SO amazingly cool to have this hard-to-find Rhone-styled red at $29! You can think of this in a Chateauneuf-du-Pape style, but bigger and juicier and more pound-the-table delicious!

Slacker was born in 2003 from the makers of Linne Calodo in Paso Robles. This is a wine that isn’t meant to be the center of attention or stir any friend or family debates, but a wine that is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family in a very pure and simple style. Slacker truly embodies the ethos that wine is meant to be "fun and relaxed", and if it isn’t, then you're just plainly doing it wrong.

The Stereotype is a blend of 70% Grenache, 25% Syrah, and 5% Mourvedre. This is an easy drinking, Grenache forward blend. As we noted above, it is all about ripe juiciness, rich strawberry and raspberry ganache, clove and cinnamon. So good and perfect with all your most “slacker-ish” foods - BBQ, tacos, pizza, etc! While it lasts!