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The Cigar Lover's Red
Wines come in all shapes and sizes, from light and airy to bold and voluptuous. The Amour Privé is on the latter side, dark, velvety, and just right for those seeking bold flavor.

Spiced fig on the nose. Medium-full bodied with clove, black pepper, dark cigar tobacco and a cran-blackberry undertone. Black cherry through the finish. Bust out the cigars around the fire with this one. This is your nightcap after a solid dinner. Drink now. 91 Points - JZ Aug '18

    Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend
    Napa Valley
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Culty Amour Privé is the brainchild of winemaker Matt Wozniak. This is his most supple and friendly of the  production, nabbed from the winery's cellar for immediate enjoyment. Crafted from  from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot—and from 100% Napa Valley fruit, this 2011 red is showing smooth and unctuous with a still youthful character. Precisely what a well aged culty wine should look like!

  • Wozniak says, "It is Napa's world-class quality and reputation rather than its size that has earned its top position. As with France and its Grand Cru regions, Napa has distinct microclimates within its boundaries, 23 to be precise.  The variation in each of these microclimates produces profound and unique variations in each grape – this is where the magic lives and where we find the story of Amour Prive."
  • While the winery itself is in Auburn, California—far afield from the state’s prime wine-growing regions, this wine was sourced from top vineyards in the Napa Valley.
  • Owner and winemaker Matt Wozniak was a helicopter pilot and aircraft mechanic (along with a Mt. Everest expedition team member) before starting his own winery.

The Cuvée Noire Bordeaux styled blend was created in juxtaposition to our flagship Rive Gauche and Rive Droite proprietary blends.  Eagerly awaiting to be enjoyed today, this delicate, approachable proprietary blend exudes structure and harmony.  Youthful garnet in color, our 2010 Cuvée Noire exhibits aromas of black cherry, plums, and cocoa. The palate is soft and fruit forward, supported by supple tannins for a smooth finish.

*invino maintains excellent cellaring conditions, and strives to sell every bottle in pristine condition. As is standard industry practice, any wine purchased over seven vintage years old, is sold "as is" and may not be returned for any reason.


Nestled in the Sierra Foothills near Napa Valley, "cult" boutique winery Amour Prive has been producing a few hundred cases of handcrafted, ultra premium Bordeaux-style Napa wines. Now with three unique blends and local acclaim, Amour Prive hopes to inspire more adulation of the individuals who put glass to nose and lips.


Pair with any beef, veal, or poultry dish. Our favorite dish to pair it with is a delicious prime rib.