Wine Enthusiast, 92 points

“This delicious, silky textured wine wraps rich black-cherry and black fig flavors in gentle tannins and adds a hint of bright acidity for a balanced and well-polished expression of mostly Zinfandel and Barbera grapes in the blend.”

    El Dorado, Sierra Foothills, California
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Literally one of the VERY best CA-meets-Italy producers on Earth for $15??!! Zinfandel + Barbera heaven -- trust your wine merchant!

Call it a “porch-pounder” at our insane price, but this is serious wine. You could blind-taste one of your friends and tell them it’s from Tuscany or Umbria or Piedmont and no one would blink. Jim Moore, proprietor (and a winemaker at Mondavi and others for decades) is a master of Italian varietals, and Italy guides his winemaking style, too. What YOU get (for $15!) is a beautifully balanced, fruity, juicy, zippy, utterly delicious wine that is charming as hell --- blueberry, blackberry, nutmeg, roasted cherries, very fragrant of crushed flowers and lightly toasted spices, fresh and CRAZY-EASY to drink!!

Back up the truck! While it lasts!