Red Blend
    Bordeaux, France
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The Private Selection from world-renowned, aristocratic Chateau Margaux, one of the greatest chateaux in the greatest subregion of the greatest winemaking region of France, the Bordeaux AOC.

  • Chateau Margaux was one of the few Bordeaux chateaux to achieve Grand Cru Classe in the 1855 Classification--and that was no small feat back then, just as it still is today. Over time Chateau Margaux turned out some of the most luxurious and pricey bottles the world had ever seen (while their library increased in value as well: a 1787 bottle was priced at over $400,000).
  • Chateau Lagrange, on the other hand--lying just north of Margaux in the subregion of St. Julien--bares the largest classified growth in the Left Bank of the Gironde River, with 123 hectares of vineyard.  Chateau Lagrange underwent an extensive revival of its vineyards and cellars in the 1980s, which impressed Chateau Margaux enough to cause them to source the fruit for this wine from the vineyards of Chateau Lagrange.
  • 2008 was a unique year for Medoc, which is represented quite well in the Private Selection: classically styled, not over-oaked or over-alcoholized, and medium-bodied with a fresh and lively acidity; but, not really ready to be drank when it was current.  But now, however, is a much different story, as the vintage has come fully into its prime and is in its perfect drinking window.
  • The winemaking pedigree and the chateaux history and the taste itself--it was all too much for us: we absolutely had to bring this wine stateside, and so, here it is.

From the winery:

You will appreciate its highly feminine nose, its silkly and unctuous structure as well as its matured tannins. 

*invino maintains excellent cellaring conditions, and strives to sell every bottle in pristine condition. As is standard industry practice, any wine purchased over seven vintage years old, is sold "as is" and may not be returned for any reason.


From the winery:

Small but mighty, the appellation of St.-Julien, on Bordeaux’s Left Bank, has long enjoyed a reputation for exceptional quality and consistency. Compared to its neighbors in Bordeaux, St.-Julien produces the highest proportion of classified-growth wines, with more than three-quarters of the vineyards devoted to top-ranked producers. They include several “Super Second” chateaux and many other outstanding classified growths and Cru Bourgeois.

Saint-Julien wines are beautifully balanced, with a great richness, depth of color, and elegance. Cabernet Sauvignon prevails, with Merlot and Cabernet Franc used for blending in the classic Bordeaux style


Uncork this wine next to a plate of charcuterie. Or for a more filling meal, we recommend trying it with any hearty meat dish, stew, or poultry dish.