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A panel favorite from our sourcing trip to Italy, this fantastic, and exclusive, import Prosecco has all the bells and whistles so often lacking from the bulk market.  A lively wine in the glass, there are plenty of small bubbles and a lovely pale straw color.  The nose is fresh and zippy with green apple, lemon custard and biscuits with honey.  The palate is soft and mouth coating with notes of pear, honey and green tea over a soft bready foundation.  You will not be disappointed, perfect for the warming weather.  Drink now through 2024. - DZ

    Prosecco Spumante Brut DOC
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The first time our Sourcing Team tried this bubbly was a couple years ago. Then, they were presented it again last week during sparkling focused tasting. After going through 24 bottles from the Veneto region, this is the wine that seriously stood out.

A floral, delicate production with persistent tiny bubbles, and a slightly sweet finish, the NV Cavazza  Prosecco Spumante comes from 100% Cavazza Estate fruit. The careful selection of the Prosecco grapes and the art of wine making prove mastered here, “capturing the fizz” (performed using the Charmat process). Simply outstanding as an aperitif, it makes the perfect accompaniment to any social occasion, going beautifully with most dishes throughout a meal.

Three things to know:

100% Estate, Organic Fruit: the Prosecco vines thrive in a mixture of limestone and clay soils at the foot of the Berici hills on the Cavazza estate, which truly is as picturesque as you can imagine.

Pure & Pristine: Never touching oak, the primary fermentation involved a soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation without the skins for about 3 days in stainless steel tanks at a thermostatically controlled temperature of 64.4° F. The secondary fermentation employed the Charmat method in autoclave for 2 months.

Family Owned: Years of tradition, passion and love for their land, the Cavazza Estate Winery, established in 1928, combines generation after generation of experience--fathers, sons and grandsons who are proud of their roots and united by their love of good wine.

Inside Fact: Prosecco is produced in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions of Italy, and you might see a few specific locations on the label. For example, some bottles say "Treviso", which is a province (also the name of a city in the province) in the Veneto region. You may also find Prosecco from the Conegliano or Valdobbiadene areas within Treviso, and these names may also be indicated on the label to give more context on the specific area where the grapes were grown.


In the glass, pale straw yellow color with soft greenish hues and a persistent fine grained perlage. Fresh bouquet with characteristic notes of acacia flowers and wild mint. Fine, delicate palate, a moderate body, and a slightly sweet finish. Best enjoyed chilled to around 45 degrees Farenheit.


Grapes caressed by the wind, kissed, coloured and ripened by the sun in a rich and welcoming region. Images that, at first glance, enchant the eye of the beholder, time seems to stand still while it consecrates the eternal pace of nature. Tradition, innovation, past, present and future intertwine like the branches of a vine, the queen of this magnificent and generous land. From the hills of Gambellara to the Cicogna Estate, in the Colli Berici Hills, vines are life and wine represents a way of life. Experience, passion and work of entire generations of wine growers can be tasted in each glass. The essence that delights the hearts of men is found here, in the strong-willed choices and skilled hands of the Cavazza family. The quality of the product derives from the land which is understood, loved and cared for its intrinsic properties and from the vine, pampered and nurtured following innovative agronomic criteria. Enhancing the senses with white and red DOC grapes for a true and sincere wine, Cavazza wines are savours of an ancient tradition. Nestled in the soft embrace of the surrounding countryside, in the midst of the green heart of this joyous and generous grape-growing land, the ancient tradition of master wine-makers is combined with the most recent wine making technology, in a rational summary of past and future. From picking to bottling, each stage is expertly subjected to strict disciplinary controls to preserve indelibly the potentials of the grapes and transfer the essence of the land to the end product. After the harvest, the grapes are taken to rooms where pneumatic presses softly crush them. Meantime in the cellars, the wine ages silently in French barriques and Slovenian oak barrels. The magic of Cavazza wines reside here, where history and tradition are repeated through time keeping intact the love for good wine.


Winemaker's recommendations:  
Pair with fish and seafood, for example, shrimp scampi with zucchini and basil purée. We also enjoyed it with our favorite appetizers, like a cheese plate and bruschetta.

Prosecco pairs well with many light dishes like sushi or fish cooked with lemon, or a cheese plate (or mac and cheese.) It can even go with some fruity desserts, but be mindful of the sugar content—a very dry Prosecco, like this wine,  and a super sugary dessert probably won't be a match made in heaven—the sweetness will make the wine taste bitter and thin.