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I have to say that, generally speaking, tasting "affordable" Pinot is not one of my favorite tasks. It really does live up to being the search for the Holy Grail. In this case, I may have found it! I don't think that you have an easy time finding anything anywhere near this good for this kind of price. I was literally shocked when I tried it.

Bright ruby color, intially smelling of toasty oak, with some cherries and blackberries layered in. Soft and supple, juicy and showing some tasty spiciness, acccented by good acidity and light earth tones. A wine with substance in the glass and easy on your wallet. If you like Pinot, you should buy six or twelve bottles! -PM 

    Pinot Noir
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We’re pretty sure we could tell you the four key components that make this wine so amazing but the bottom line is simply this: this is amazing Pinot Noir for sub $12. And that, in and of itself, is almost akin to finding “the Holy Grail” in the world of wine. However if you need more convincing here are the four things you need to know:

Our Panel was shocked when they tried this wine. Not literally in the sense that an electric shock went through their bodies, but more like slack jawed with disbelief. How could a Pinot Noir taste this good without being upwards of $40?

Almost everything is still done by hand. With viticulture that is 95% sustainable, almost everything is done by hand work and hand minimizing making this wine incredibly special with the utmost attention to detail.

The flavor profile. Soft and supple, juicy and showing some tasty spiciness, accented by good acidity and light earth tones, this is a Pinot Noir for those who thoroughly love Pinot Noir.

Three little letters – Q.P.R. The Quality to Price Ratio is unbelievable in this bottle. It’s definitely a rarity and one that may need to be stocked up. Your palate will thank you for it.


This distinctive Pinot clone offers deep, incredible complexity with overlapping flavor notes and qualities. 



We spend a great deal of time nurturing our grape vines, cultivating, pruning, leaf pulling and the list goes on! Our vines are kept with 95% sustainable viticulture practices, a lot of hand work, even our spraying is obtained by hand minimizing unneeded drift and environment application. We also utilize 90% organic sprays and weed control products and application. Certainly a Green Certified Business operation! 


Pair this elegant Pinot with salmon and mushrooms or a lovely turkey burger.