Pinot Noir
    San Luis Obispo County, California
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Are you drinking Burgundy? You might think so when you taste this! Last Light makes wines from extreme, nook-and-cranny coastal vineyards scattered around the Central Coast here in California. They are TINY -- 200-400 cases a year! The new release of the awesome Derbyshire will bring your palate to France, we think -- cool blue and red fruits, pomegranate, black tea, a whiff of salinity, even, and a fine, light texture. Delicious, with great freshness and focus. Did you see our price?

Heard of Hearst Castle? Overlooking the sea, set against windswept vistas, zebra-trodden hillsides (there is a fascinating story about the exotic animals Hearst raised) and adjacent to the Hearst Ranch, Derbyshire Vineyard is both a marvel of modern viticulture and a throwback to the days of farming at the whim of Mother Nature. Of his decision to engage in “extreme farming” in the closest commercial vineyard to the Pacific Ocean, owner Ray Derby says, “I’m either a pioneer or a fool.”

We have about 19 cases (we bought the other one) of this to sell at this “extreme” price. While it lasts!