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    3 months on the lees in stainless steel tanks

Your go-to spring and summer patio pounder awaits! Yes, an $8 incredibly fresh, zippy, bone dry Tuscan Rosé is here to help you make the most of forthcoming warm weather days. Not sure you can really argue with the price. Normally retailing for $25, at $96 A CASE it’s not even an impulse purchase, it’s just a necessity. Quick reminder that shipping is included on 6+ bottles…

Let’s talk about the wine though, shall we? As we mentioned, this is bone dry and refreshing. Racy acidity with notes of watermelon, rose petals, freshly plucked cherries, tart cranberries and orange blossoms — it sends you into a relaxing daydream of rolling hillsides, poplar trees and warm Tuscan sunshine. 

The Mazzei family has extensive roots in Tuscany, dating all the way back to the 11th century! And not only that, the Mazzeis, specifically Philip Mazzei, was invited by our very own Thomas Jefferson to the Monticello Estate to help consult on vine growing. The family has lived and breathed wine for centuries. Today, they focus on sustainable farming practices to guarantee the stability of the land and its biodiversity. 

So there you have it. A killer deal on your warm-weather sipper with a long winemaking legacy, sustainable practices, and ties back to our founding fathers. Cool right?

Get it while it lasts!


Refreshing and dry with racy acidity and notes of watermelon, rose petals, cherries, tart cranberries and orange blossoms.


A long lasting bond unites the Mazzei family with Tuscany and wines since the XI century.

Ser Lapo Mazzei is the author of the first known document to use the "Chianti" denomination in 1398; in 1435, when his granddaughter Madonna Smeralda Mazzei married Piero di Agnolo da Fonterutoli, the holding became part of the family's estate.

Later, Philip, who enjoyed calling himself a "Citizen of the World", befriended Franklin, Adams, Washington, and Jefferson; the latter invited him to introduce vine growing in Monticello, Virginia.

First at Castello di Fonterutoli and then at Belguardo and Zisola, the Mazzei family has undertaken a program of sustainable management of their farming activity with the objective of guaranteeing the stability of the ecosystem and its biodiversity.

This lead to the complete elimination of weeding and chemical topdressing, recycling of production waste (shoots, grape stalks, marc, olive pomace, and horse manure) for the production of company compost to be utilized as completely organic fertilizer.