James Suckling, 91 points
"Darker color for a rosé with strawberry, candied-watermelon, dried-lemon and pear aromas. Medium to full body with lots of fruit, creamy texture and a fruity and creamy finish. Drink now."

    Rioja, Spain
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Rioja rosé at its finest, jaw-droppingly priced! Get ready to be amazed!

The whole “drink rosé in the summer?” NAH. We drink rosé all the time! Especially priced like this...back up the truck!! Wow! Don’t miss! Just read this review!

Drink now, the man says...OK! C.V.N.E. is a producer synonymous with high-quality Rioja, dating back well over a century!

C.V.N.E. is situated in Rioja in the traditional neighborhood of the station, where the oldest wineries of Rioja Alta established themselves, for the main reason of transporting their goods to the port of Bilbao. In 1879, two brothers decided to set up a business in the recently flourishing trade of the wine business. C.V.N.E., Compañía Vinicola del Norte de España (The Northern Spanish Wine Company) or la Cuné, as it is commonly known in Haro, was created. This cellar still reflects the origins of the company and is kept in the traditional neighborhood of the Haro station.

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