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    Piedmont, Italy
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Normally $30, this is EXACTLY what you want to be drinking nightly, especially if you love Barolo/Barbaresco the way we do! FREE SHIPPING on 4+ bottles!

Nebbiolo d'Alba is quite literally “Baby Barolo” - it comes from vineyards just outside the appellation and certain lots that don’t make the cut for the $60-$100 stuff. In a fine vintage like 2017, this translates to terrific drinkability with all the flavors and spices we love in the pricier juice. A STEAL for $20!!

Le Cecche is a small hamlet of Diano d’Alba, one of the “11 comuni del Barolo” in Piedmont. Its origins date back to the eighteenth century when the village consisted of three small farmhouses. Following marriages between the three families of the village, Le Cecche ended up in the hands of the Marengo family for several generations. In 2001, Maria Marengo, having no heirs, sold the farmhouse to the current owners, Jan De Bruyne and his wife, Marchioness Paola Invrea. We discovered them about 6 years ago touring the region and have never looked back -- these are fine finds!!

The ‘17 has a medium body and is very redolent of cherries, raspberry essence, sweet tobacco, licorice, orange zest, and has terrific freshness. Like we said, crazily drinkable and easy on the wallet! C’mon! Free shipping on a 4-pack! $80 delivered! While it lasts!