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    Piedmont, Italy
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**rubs eyes** Wow, yes, we did a double take too. 2016 is one of the finest vintages for Barolo/Barbaresco in several decades -- what a mind-blowing score! FREE SHIPPING on 3+ bottles!

Any serious Barolo collector is buying as much of northern Italian wines as humanly possible - they are truly out of this world, qualitatively. For THIS price?! Cascina Luisin’s single-vineyard “Leon”, from the prized Serralunga d’Alba commune of Barolo, has a long history of big scores (this one’s not rated yet, but seriously, don’t wait…) and powerful, classic Nebbiolo character. Pressed flowers, rose, cherry, mint, anise, iron and citrus notes...hugely complex and ageable! The finish is long and lush, with a terrifically layered, crazy-complex fruit and spice basket of flavor. Barolo! We can’t contain our excitement!

Cascina Lusin was founded in 1913 by Luigi Minuto, great-grandfather of the current owner Roberto Minuto. The wine estate has always been owned and run by the family, with the aim of guaranteeing meticulous control over all stages of winemaking: accurate and rigorous care of the vineyards and attentive work in the cellar. If you have not tried wines from this producer, there is simply NO. BETTER. TIME!!

Luisin is really making some of the most finely crafted, refined, elegant-but-mind-blowingly-complex and powerful wines in the region, with fantastic vineyard holdings (including the vaunted Rabaja and Asili) -- and guess who discovered them? BINGO!! What a wine and what a PRICE! While it lasts…!