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The Elegance of the North Coast at a Fraction of the Cost

I was absolutely stunned when we popped open the Woodstock Chardonnay. I was expecting something flabby, flat and/or completely uninteresting, and was ready to pass it off as a "gimmick" wine. Boy was I wrong, this wine is fantastic! At 3 years of age, it's quite fresh and is quite honestly one of the most elegant Chards I've seen at this price point. It is reminiscent of a crisp French Chardonnay, somewhere in between the style of Chablis and White Burg. Grab your best sandals and head on out to the porch, you'll be sipping in style as you turn up those classic Woodstock tunes. 

Fresh green apples and white flowers on the nose. Light-medium bodied with tones of white guava, papaya, fuji apple and green melon. The finish leaves you fully quenched. This is definitely one to pair with Santana's original set. 93 Points - JZ Aug '18

    Mendocino County
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This is a wine that speaks to the idea: never judge a book by its cover. While this particular Chardonnay's backstory could play contrive to some, the wine itself is a pure, authentic example of cool-climate, North Coast Chardonnay! A massive crowd-pleaser, it packs more than enough class to leave its rock-n-roll origins aside.

The Wines that Rock team wisely sought out winemaker Mark Beaman with the plan of producing a scintillating, vividly bright Chardonnay worthy the world’s most loved rock concert EVER. Fittingly “naked”—as in no oak and zero malolactic fermentation to cloud this Chardonnay’s refreshing zip of ripe apple and juicy pear fruit—the 2015 Woodstock Chardonnay is about as near to sunshine in a bottle as our Tasting Panel has experienced. The palate includes a touch of minerals to balance the wine’s subtle tropical character, and the wine closes with just the sort of acidity one thirsts for on a warm summer night.

·   Wine Spectator rated the 2015 vintage 90 points. In Mendocino, the drought leading up to the 2015 harvest resulted in lovely, balanced Chardonnay.

·      Mendocino County has long been a source for outstanding sparkling wines, made as they are in Champagne of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It follows that the region is also perfectly suited to the production of Chardonnay in its still form. The cool breezes that wash in daily from the nearby Pacific Coast help to moderate temperatures, making for crisp, food-friendly Chard.

·      The Woodstock Chardonnay is made in a now-popular “naked” style, meaning zero oak influence and no secondary (malolactic) fermentation.

·      Winemaker Mark Beaman has extensive experience with cool-climate varietals, having worked at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Villa Mt. Eden, where Beaman honed his Chardonnay-producing skills.


From the winemaker:

An enjoyably eclectic mixture of rich pear, mineral, and papaya aromas in the unoaked "naked" style Woodstock Chardonnay are followed by fresh flavors of Asian pear, citrus, and tropical fruit on the finish, or, as the winemaker likes to say, "sunshine in a bottle."


From the winery:

The founders of Wines That Rock have been at the forefront of bringing Rock 'n Roll to fans for decades. This new project was born out of two great passions, music and wine. The project's goal is the creation of great tasting wines inspired by the spirit of Classic Rock 'n Roll Music, iconic album art for labels, earth friendly production from the grape to the labels and great consumer value. With over 30 years of rock 'n roll experience, Wines That Rock founders intend to use their rock 'n roll expertise to promote, produce and market these one of a kind wines, no differently than they would a World Wide Tour of a major artist.


Try this with a light chicken dish, or a salad with a citrus dressing. We also enjoy it with a delicious smoked salmon.