100% Chardonnay
    Russian River Valley
  • SIZE
    SS drums and French oak barrels 10% new for 8 months
    173 cases

Announcing a brand new wine from La Sirena! Although Heidi has made Chardonnay a number of times for clients over the years, she was not compelled to make her own until a special vineyard site became available in 2016. Well-known vineyard manager Ulises Valdez expressed he had a few tons available from the Rued family original vineyard planted in 1969. Heidi was enticed to have a look, and from there this beautiful Chardonnay was born. Many fans have expressed interest in this over the years and finally this wine was made in this tiny quantities (170 cases) available. So far it is only planned as a one-off vintage (we were not able to procure the same fruit source again since then) so don’t miss out on this rare bottling of Napa Valley’s most popular white varietal!

From Heidi: Why “La Sirena”? The name means “the Mermaid” in Spanish and Italian. I chose it because I’m a long time scuba diver and was looking for something fun and magical (like wine) to name the winery. The first vintage of La
Sirena was 1994, with the first Cabernet Sauvignon made in 1996. The wines we currently make are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Le Barrettage (Rhone style blend), Moscato Azul (dry Muscat Canelli), Grenache, Malbec, Rosato (rose of Primitivo) and our two proprietary red blends; Art Bus, and Pirate TreasuRed. Production is always small, focusing on fine wines of purity and excellence - the best that can be made. And wines I personally like to drink. Wishing you all the best, and as always, thank you for supporting our wines!



The first release of a very special Chardonnay from the original planting of the Rued clone. These vines were planted in 1969 and are magnificent, with large gnarly trunks and arms. The wine they produce is quite refined, golden light straw in color with aromas of apples, pears, lemon, and floral honeysuckle notes. The clone is known for its somewhat tropical aromatics – some even refer to it as the Muscat clone of Chardonnay. This one just hints at pineapple with a kiss of delicate French oak. Flavors are bright and clean across the palate with green apple, lemon and pomelo-like fruit character. Lower alcohol (13.2) and crisp acidity make for a delightful fresh old-vine Chardonnay of pure character.