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El Enemigo is a truly rich and decadent Chardonnay that can be classified as buttery and woodsy, just what everyone wants! 

As JS put it this Chardonnay is exotic, it's very unique and very well made juice. This is an Argentinian producer everyone should experience. If you know and love Nicolas Catena wines then this is an easy transition. El enemigo is tropical with notes of pineapple, citrus and creamy mangos laced with lovely acidity. There are toasty spice notes and caramel with a sherry like feel thanks to the oak fermentation and aging process. Pretty intersting stuff that will send buttery rich chardonnay lovers into a frenzy. Take a chance on this one as it's the biggest thing in Argentina right now! Drink now and for the next 3-4 years tops. Killer value at under $25! 

~James Byus III, Premier Wine Concierge 

This is really amazing with an exotic dried-fruit character of pineapple and mangoes. Full-bodied, rich and fruity with cream, pie-crust and caramel character. Crazy chardonnay with a little Jura style and some flor undertones. It really does have flor in the barrel when aging. Love. Get it. Drink now. ~James Suckling, 98 points


    100% Chardonnay
    Valle de Uco, Argentina
  • SIZE
    In french oak barrels of 500 lt. 35% new
    9 months in french oak with veil. 500 lt barrels

  • BODY

  • OAK


First U.S. Retail Access and limited Allocation | Arriving Early-Mid September | Secure Now

"This is the first retail offering of the brand new 2016 El Enemigo Chardonnay in the states and I am honored to be bringing you such a quality production from the team that makes the famed Catena Zapata wines. Having just sampled the entire El Enemigo and Catena lineups at a tasting in San Francisco I was blown away by the unique style and quality of the El Enemigo wines. This one is going to truly surprise you and introduce you to an entirely new world of Chardonnay and a top notch South American winemaker.

We ask that you reserve between 4 and 12 bottles please as I know you will be floored by this juice." ~James

El Enemigo translates as "the enemy". Nodding to the fact that at the end of any journey, most remember only one battle — the one fought within (the original enemy). The wines of El Enemigo are a tribute to those internal battles that make us who we are. 

Two romantics, a winemaker (Alejandro Vigil), and a historian (Adrianna Catena) - go back in time to capture an era when European imigrants recently settled in Argentina, sought to make wines as fine, and finer than those of their homelands.

Things to know:

  • El Enemigo is produced at Piedemonte al Sur, located in southern foothills of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza. The facility is named for the unique aspect of Mendoza’s high-altitude winemaking region nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.
  • The chardonnay is from Vineyards in Gualtallary, Tupungato 1400-1500 meters above sea level. 
  • Alejandro Vigil is a soil expert, a winemaker and an animal lover. He is the Chief Winemaker at Bodega Catena Zapata and the former head of the soil division at Argentina’s Wine Institute. Among his many pets, he keeps a cow to produce milk for donation to the local school children.
  • Adrianna Catena is the daughter of Nicolás Catena. She is a graduate student in Early Modern Spanish history at the University of Oxford, UK. Her dream is to continue the family legacy of winemaking, while pursuing a passion for history and writing from a cottage surrounded by vineyards in the Argentine Andes.
  • Suckling also just gave the El enemigo Cabernet Franc 100 points so you know there are some wild things happening at Bodega Aleanna. 

“Alejandro Vigil is a master of Chardonnay, as well as a man who likes to push boundaries." ~Tim Atkin, Master of Wine

The nose is enticing with warm ripe aromatic fruit notes: mango and some honey and marsala notes. Instead the body is quite light and contained compared to the nose. With supporting acidity with some citrus and mineral notes. Good balance.and interesting complexity overall. A great glass of wine.


London, September 18, 2009 - Alejandro Vigil and Adrianna Catena walked back from the Argentine Embassy in London where Nicolas Catena had just received the Decanter Man of the Year Award among a group of dear friends from around the world.  The Thames was covered in mist as Adrianna began to tell Alejandro about the Great Fire of 1666, stories from another September night in London.

Adrianna is an historian who recently completed her Ph.D. in History at Oxford University. Alejandro, a soils engineer, has been chief winemaker at Catena Zapata since 2002. They share a mutual fascination with the writers Dostoyevsky and Cortázar, a passion for the Hellenic Philosophers (and heirloom tomatoes), a love of used books, live music, and long meals with old friends, and a deep, obsessive dedication to their young families – Adrianna's son Antonio and Alejandro's daughter Maria Giuliana Francesca are the same age.

On that walk, Alejandro and Adrianna decided to make a wine together, a wine that would represent their deep respect for history and tradition, and their complete irreverence towards the status quo.


Pan seared dry day boat Scallops with dill, capers and buerre blanc sauce. Crabmeat, pork and chicken dishes will go nicely with this decadent chardonnay.