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The Brut Tradition from L’Argentaine presents with golden apple, lemon and bready notes on the nose, moving to a dry and austere palate of crunchy tree fruit and nectarine.  The vibrant acidity provides balance with the powerful fruit flavors, and the finish lingers for quite some time.  Enjoy now through 2018. - DZ Sept 2016

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    100% Pinot Meunier
    Champagne, France
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When you want to fall in love…with Bubbles, we know where you should turn. With over 30 years of French tradition, Velenosi knows how to impress us with this rare yet glowing little number from Marche. The undisturbed province near Rome embodies gentle rolling hills for a perfect vineyard setting while the collection of happy, hard working people in the area is as inviting as the wine itself.

The uniqueness of this Sparkler started its journey back in the 70’s and today has adapted to the palate of the modern wine imbiber. How has this happened? With a conscious effort to make the wine speak to its vineyard of origin on a complex level while using a traditional bottle fermentation to bring you a sophisticated throng of bubbles. It’s this dazzling perfection we have come to expect from the winery that constantly strives to specialize in the highest quality, long-aged Champagne. 




Pale-gold color with aromas of white fruits and mineral notes. This wine is well structured and powerful with fruit and butter overtones.


Champagne de l'Argentaine is part of the Cooperative in Vandieres in the Marne Valley, who have been marketing a limited edition range of Champagnes made with the best Cru's from their members’ vineyards. The 180 members represent 167 Hectares of vines on the South facing slopes of this region famed for its superior Meunier grapes.

The Director of the Coop, Olivier Paris,  has brought the cellars into the 20th Century over the last 10 years by investing heavily in the wineries facilities. That program has brought them to a state of the art, full service Cooperative. They currently produce bottles 'sur Latte' for Bollinger, Vranken, Feuillatte amongst many other major Houses.

The wine making is extremely fine, producing clear, crisp wines full of aromas brought by the vins de reserve.

The De L'Argentaine collection of Champagnes are a tiny part of the production, representing only 30,000 bottles per year of this refined Pinot Meunier based Champagne. Production is tightly controlled as this facility has the capacity to vinify wines separately by parcel, due to the vast number of stainless tanks it is equipped with. This gives them a vast pallette to assemble the quality and profile of wines required and to perform small runs of very high end wine such as the Argentaine collection.


Serve for all occasions, hors d'oeuvres, caviar, seafood dishes with light elegant sauces, or smoked salmon.