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    Champange, France
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Berthelot's Blanc de Blancs for $39? And free shipping on 3+ bottles?! Best weekend ever!

Champagne -- it’s what’s for breakfast (hey, it’s Saturday!). First off, the price, of course! We are SO PROUD of our ability to snag amazing Champagne at incredible prices here at Invino, but BERTHELOT?! C’mon!! You can barely even FIND this wine in the U.S.A., but we direct-imported a small parcel for your drinking pleasure. 100% Chardonnay, 100% bold, rich and delicious!

Paul Berthelot estate, in Dizy, has been producing Champagne for five generations according to the same principles of the founder Emile Berthelot. The Blanc de Blancs is aged 4 years on the lees, with a small amount of time in used French oak barrels, giving it a savory toastiness that is impossible to put down. Popping with crisp young apple and grapefruit flavors, giving it a fruity, zippy entry with great long-term potential. Then the concentration and the richly mineral texture kicks in, plus the rich, toasty, bread-dough element, lending the wine intensity and the possibility of aging. Terrific balance!

We’d get enough to drink regularly (as we are!) and enough to put some into the cellar - it will only get better for the next few years.

Did we mention the price?! Wow! While it lasts!