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    Champange, France
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We’ve been importing this excellent bubbly for some years now, and it is always a huge overdeliverer. First of all -- $30 for Champagne at this level is nearly impossible to find. Family-owned, made and operated bubbly at $30 with this pedigree and bright, pure brilliant flavors? Unthinkable! Get some while we have it!

The Salmon winemaking legacy spans three generations, and their history of growing grapes stretches back even further. Michel, the grandfather, was born and raised in Chaumuzy, a sleepy little town in the Ardre Valley. He worked in the vineyards most of his life before acquiring a plot of land for himself. In 1958, he produced the first vintage, a grand total of 500 bottles. Today, he still hangs around, but his son, Oliver, and grandson, Alexandre, maintain the day to day operations. The family has a passion for balloon racing and this history is reflected on the label.

This killer, rich Champagne is 100% Pinot Meunier, which is rare. It was long underrated, but is currently the hottest trend in the region! Chaumuzy is ideal for Meunier and it is a house specialty. You’ll know when you drink it! Clean, pure, bright flavors of quince, stone fruits, white plums...with time it takes on some toast and bread dough, candied citrus...MMMM! Get ready!

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