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    Bouzy, Champagne
  • SIZE
    1.5L (Magnum)

In need of a giant bottle of pristine vintage party bubbles? Look no further than this MAGNUM of Grand Cru Prestige Millesime Champagne. Located in the preeminent village of Bouzy in Montagne de Reims, Jean Vesselle has firmly solidified themselves as an adored grower Champagne house producing incredible, full bodied bubblies for just about any occasion.

This particular blend is 65% Pinot Noir giving it whopping richness and bold, savory flavors. The wine shows notes of cherries, dried apricots, honeysuckle and orange blossom with hints of sweet spice and fluffy croissants. Perfect with a smattering of appetizers or a decadent meal, this is a sparkling not for the faint of heart, but will surely pack the party power.


Showing intense aromas and flavors of cherry and apricot with beautiful floral notes and a measure of piquant spice and sweet pastry dough.


Delphine Vesselle is a perfect example of what the next generation of winemakers in Champagne (or France, for that matter) is capable. Trained both in France as well as in South Africa and Australia, Delphine is steeped in both modern techniques and family tradition. The ancient family estate (more than 300 years old) is located in the Côte de Noirs town of Bouzy, most famous for its powerful Pinot Noir wines. Her wines have a classic Bouzy signature, but also show impressive finesse and grace.

After the death of her father, Jean Vesselle, in 1996, Delphine has preserved his memory by continuing the family tradition of making outstanding Champagne. She told us that she "tries hard every day to honor his confidence by working towards quality and respect for the wine, with passion and dedication."

The family wines hail from two vineyards which they own. Their vine holdings are 90% Pinot Noir (much of which grows on mineral-rich Kimmeridgian soil) and 10% Chardonnay.