Mendocino County
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Mmm, Carignan. Somehow its ridiculously under appreciated as a stand-alone varietal (though that’s slowly starting to change), but hey, we love it, and therefore, you should give it a shot if you haven’t already. It’s got a great medium body with bright notes of red fruit like raspberry and dried cranberry, baking spice, a little charcuterie and anise thing going on and lovely bright acidity with modest tannins. In a nutshell, it’s delicious AND it’s great with food. Which brings us to today’s feature, Dropout Colombini Vineyard Carignan at 47% off! 

Jon Keyes with his storied past of dropping out (hence the name, Dropout) of UC Santa Barbara to pursue a winemaking career (starting at Sine Qua Non no less!) is the master behind this Carignan. Coming from Redwood Valley in Mendocino County, the Colombini Vineyard is a 10-acre plot originally planted in 1942. Keyes' delicate approach with this sexy varietal has resulted in a juicy wine with enrapturing notes of plums, raspberries and earth with a cinnamon-spice that just dances along the palate all the way to the finish. It’s fresh, pure and perfect to enjoy now. No need to wait 10 years, it’s a quaffable nectar made for sipping and savoring in the next few years. 47% off and sub $20, it’s just what you need stashed on your wine rack.


Fresh with bright acidity yet juicy with notes of plums, raspberries, earth and warm cinnamon-spice.


After studying chemistry at UC Santa Barbara, winemaker Jon Keyes dropped out of college to take his first winery job with California's ultimate boutique winery, Sine Qua Non. He then traveled to Australia, honing in his winemaking skills down under with Two Hands Winery in the Barossa Valley. He then returned to assume the position of Cellar Master at Napa Valley's Outpost Wines, under the guidance of winemaker Thomas Brown. Currently, Jon is making wine for winemaking pioneer, Mark Herold.

Though he has a remarkable resume, the person he is inspired by the most is his wife. When Kaitlyn had a desire to start an Albariño label, Jon couldn’t wait to begin another fun project. And that’s exactly what this project is, fun! Since Jon dropped out of college to pursue his passion for wine, Dropout was a fitting name. It’s also a bit ironic because Kaitlyn is a 1st grade teacher and a strong proponent of education. The common denominator that drove this project was their mutual love for Albariño, which is evidently expressed in the bottle.