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Bonny's Vineyard is small and there's very little wine that hits the market.  It only goes to Silver Oak and Meyer Family Cellars, so it's bloodline all the way.  The 2003 Bonny's is both powerful and elegant.  The lushness that is Oakville is present everywhere in this wine.  Beautifully scented, with aromas of red currants, cassis, and vanilla, the wine is rich and deep.  The intense fruit flavors are intermingled with the sweet mocha from the new oak barrels it's aged in.  This is a phenomenal bottle of wine that can be cellared for 15+ years.  Enjoy now through 2030+. - DZ Nov 2016

    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Oakville, Napa Valley
  • SIZE
    1.5L (Magnum)

Historic Bonny’s Vineyard has been the source of some of Silver Oak’s most famous wines throughout the 80s and early 90s, since being purchased by Justin Meyers for his wife in 1974. Great situation in Oakville on the gravels of Conn Creek allows for an even ripening period and perfect, slow maturation of the gapes and tannins.

A Cab from an historic site, the library vintage 2003 Meyer Family Bonny's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is raised entirely in American oak, a technique which is rarely seen in Napa these days but has produced many of the classic greats of the region. This unique treatment lends delicious notes of vanilla, caramel and toasted coconut to the finished wine, which is smooth and supple.

This prestigious Cab is from the Oakville AVA right in the heart of Napa Valley. The warm days here encourage perfect ripeness while fog from the San Pablo Bay cools the grapes and keeps the fruit in balance.

Run by legendary Silver Oaks winegrower Justin Meyer’s son, Matt Meyers, and his winemaker wife Karen, the Meyers Family Cellars estate, with its serious pedigree, has become an invino favorite! A perfect winemaking team, Matt grew up in a vinegrowing family, and earned his masters in viticulture from UC Davis. Karen has her degree in Enology from Australia’s  Charles Stuart University after working a harvest in WA’s Margaret River GI. She worked harvests all around the world, before meeting Matt when they worked crush together at Argyle in Oregon’s Argyle Winery.


The fruit is classic Napa, with cassis, black cherry and rich ripe fig, with hints of eucalyptus and a creamy vanilla finishing out the long, smooth palate.


In addition to household chores, Matt and Karen Meyer share the winemaking duties at Meyer Family Cellars. They may spend most of their waking time together now, but they arrived at this point in their careers having followed very different paths.

Matt Meyer
From an early age, Matt's goal was to be a winegrower like his father. As he grew up, he spent much of his time in the vineyard and cellar at Silver Oak. The passion he developed for wine led him to the University of California, Davis, where he was awarded a Masters in Viticulture in 2002.

Karen Meyer
Karen was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. After a harvest in Margaret River, she was hooked on wine. She completed a degree in enology at Charles Stuart University, then spent the next few years working harvests around the world. In 1999 Matt and Karen met in Oregon while working the crush at Argyle Winery in the Willamette Valley.

Bonny Meyer
Bonny and Justin founded Silver Oak Cellars together with their financial partner, Ray Duncan in 1972. Always a labor of love, Silver Oak’s inaugural vintage was crushed that fall a week after Justin and Bonny returned from their honeymoon.

In the early years Bonny managed Silver Oak business and sales while Justin oversaw winemaking and managed burgeoning Franciscan Vineyards, purchases by the partners in 1975. A couple years after the partners sold Franciscan, Justin left and took over primary management duties at Silver Oak. Always part of the management team, Bonny focused on PR, marketing, and package and facility design. The original Silver Oak and Meyer Family Port labels both won design awards, as did the Oakville Silver Oak winery when it was completed in 1982. Today Bonny is an active partner in Meyer Cellars and continues to focus on marketing and design.

Bonny is Principal of Meyer Family Enterprises, investor in the financial markets, commercial property, and green technologies. She is a strategic philanthropist and a community activist. She loves to sail, play guitar and sing with friends. Now and then she skis and drives fast when no one is looking.

The legend of Bonny’s Vineyard states that Bonny gazes upon and blesses her vineyard every morning and that’s what makes the wine so extraordinary. Others say the wine is a manifestation of Justin and Bonny’s love for one another. But no one really knows for sure


Serve with petit filot mignon napped with sauce bernaise.