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This dry sparkler is something our team was very excited to get our hands on. It has the perfect flavor profile for your next celebratory dinner. The notes of green apple, vanilla and citrus make for a spectacular combo. Tasty enough to drink alone or enjoy with your next holiday fare. 

    Champagne, France
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Innovation and collaboration are not usually words associated with Champagne. A region firmly rooted in establishment and century-old traditions, the majority of sparkling wine from this renown corner of France remains under control of big-name houses and sells at an equally hefty price.

The three individuals at the helm of Champagne Langlet aim to change all that, offering grandes marques-quality bubbly full of personality and value. With a dosage at the low end of what is allowed by law under “Brut Champagne,” this dry sparkler is delicious with food. Enjoy as an aperitif, with chocolate or creamy desserts, as well at every step of an elegant meal that takes please in between.

· Langlet is a new and super modern Champagne house, only recently imported into the U.S.

· Founded by three men: Vincent Métiver, a dedicated grape farmer and small-production grower producer, Luc Chaudron, an established Champagne merchant in Reims with a wealth of Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards and lastly Frederic Papelard, Langlet’s official ambassador.


From the winery:

The dress is pale gold, the bubble is fine and regular. On the nose, floral and exotic notes stand out. The palate offers great aromatic finesse and a finish on citrus zest.


From the winery:

Vincent Metivier, Luc Chaudron, Frederic Papelard: these three men, all three winemakers and owners of their vineyards, are the origin of Champagnes Langlet. They have made a product assembled in a subtle way, consensual and open to the other: the friend, the artist, the poet, the one who wants the agape to remain in memory ... A product that will satisfy all those who with gluttony, know how to decode their identity. This filiation is not the only singularity of Champagnes Langlet. "You have to be Resolutely modern," said Rimbault, "Champagne Langlet", mobile, evolutionary, progressive, irremediably part of the trends of his time. So the friend plays a vital role in the evolution of his ranges. The immense kitchen set up in the middle of the cellar, in Gland, testifies to this will to share the taste of the party that one knows concentrated in these bottles.


This refreshing wine will taste amazing on it's own, but will also pair great with any seafood dish, specifically salmon, tuna, or shellfish. You can also enjoy this with any mild or soft cheeses.