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    Champagne, France
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Gaucher is about to be your new house Champagne! We LOVE “farmer fizz” here at Invino, so we are always on the hunt. Gaucher delivers both what we are looking for in deliciousness and fine winemaking, and the price, is well...amazing. A killer new discovery that offers so much value in the world of Champagne. You really cannot go wrong here! 

What’s grower Champagne, or Farmer Fizz? Well, simply, it’s a winery that owns all its own vineyards, and makes all the wine from it. No purchased grapes, which is typically quite common in Champagne, even for the big names (Dom, Krug, Cristal, etc). Truly family-owned and operated wines!

Broad and fruit-driven with a wonderful balance of acidity and just the right amount of frothy bubbles for the style. Down in the Cotes des Bar (Aube, specifically), the soils are more Chablis, with clay and limestone (Kimmeridgian), and the wines are noticeably riper in style. Chaptalization (the addition of sugar before fermentation) is much less common here because you get grapes that are fully ripe. 

We have championed a few different growers from down here in the south, and we'll happily add Gaucher to the mix, oh yes! This is a spectacular value and we have but 20 cases to sell! First come, first served…!