Mount Veeder, Napa Valley, California
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Wow! Luxury-level Napa (Mount Veeder!) Rose, made by Phillip Corallo-Titus, esteemed winemaker at Chappellet Winery! $19 today - crazy!

Again, we here at Invino continue to pick up amazing deals typically sold at restaurants. What a doozy today: NELLCOTE! A mostly-Cabernet producer ($125-$250), Proprietor Tyler Olbres makes a miniscule amount of Mount Veeder Rose, packed in a gorgeous, heavy, impressive bottle. This bottling has some age on it, and it only seems to have improved -- you'll be amazed. We were blown away by how well it is drinking -- weighty, intense, fresh but creamy on the palate, packed with red fruits and pomegranates, cherries and rose, all perfectly harmonious. A testament to the excellent winemaking of Napa legend Phillip Corallo-Titus! Just lock in the insane deal price, receive and drink with abandon!

Proprietor Tyler Olbres is pursuing his lifelong passion for fine wine and gastronomy with Nellcote, where he creates limited production wines of distinction that elevate the moment. Leaving behind a successful career developing retail and tradeshow programs for fashion apparel and footwear brands, he sold his marketing communications firm to devote himself full-time to developing Nellcote’s distinctive wine style.

A serendipitous lunch meeting at Mustards Grill began a partnership with Phillip Corallo-Titus, esteemed winemaker at Chappellet Vineyards for over a quarter century. At Nellcote, Phillip draws on his rich legacy of crafting benchmark Cabernet Sauvignon to create the winery’s equal yet distinct bottlings, Rallye 76 and 500 Chevaux.

DO NOT wait too long, as you might imagine, we have very little of this find to go around!