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Albariño….roll those Rs and say it sexy, Aaaal-bah-rrriiiin-jooooo. This notoriously hard to find in California varietal is coming at you with super chill vibes and numerous reasons to love it.

1) It’s Albariño! Hyper-fresh, zippy, brisk, tangy and packed with mouth-watering satisfaction. Do you need more reasons to love it? Fiiiine.

2) Dropout is crafted by Mr. Jon Keyes whose first winery job was at the ultimate boutique California winery, Sine Qua Non, followed by a stint in Australia at Two Hands Winery in Barossa Valley and finally landed back in Napa to work under Thomas Brown at Outpost. He now works with Mark Herold, making several high-scoring, collector-worthy wines.

3) The name “Dropout” is a nod to Keyes dropping out of college to pursue his wine passion.

4) This Albariño project came to be because his wife, Kaitlin (who’s a 1st grade teacher and very passionate about education, #irony), wanted to make a wine from this particular varietal. It’s made from the impetus of love and collaboration!

Enough reasons for ya? How about some tasting notes: lemon peel, almonds, subtle pineapple, sea salt, tangerine and pear with plenty of zippy acidity. Summer in a bottle! And the price? $15! I guess that’s the last and final reason you really need to add your stash to your cart. Hurry up now before it’s too late!


Lemon peel, almonds, subtle pineapple, sea salt, tangerine and pear with bright, vibrant acidity.


After studying chemistry at UC Santa Barbara, winemaker Jon Keyes dropped out of college to take his first winery job with California's ultimate boutique winery, Sine Qua Non. He then traveled to Australia, honing in his winemaking skills down under with Two Hands Winery in the Barossa Valley. He then returned to assume the position of Cellar Master at Napa Valley's Outpost Wines, under the guidance of winemaker Thomas Brown. Currently, Jon is making wine for winemaking pioneer, Mark Herold.

Though he has a remarkable resume, the person he is inspired by the most is his wife. When Kaitlyn had a desire to start an Albariño label, Jon couldn’t wait to begin another fun project. And that’s exactly what this project is, fun! Since Jon dropped out of college to pursue his passion for wine, Dropout was a fitting name. It’s also a bit ironic because Kaitlyn is a 1st grade teacher and a strong proponent of education. The common denominator that drove this project was their mutual love for Albariño, which is evidently expressed in the bottle.