El Dorado
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Waterfall is back, but this time dressed as Southern Italy’s notorious varietal, Aglianico! Wow! Talk about a wine that will LOVE some Texas BBQ with a rich, opulent blueberry BBQ sauce or even some eccentric, smoky duck tacos. Oh yeah, this has all sorts of character and we’re frolicking to the grill with this in hand, ready to whip up some delicious summer noms. 55% off? Another gem from the incredibly talented winemaker known as Helen Keplinger?! Don’t hesitate, just scoot on over to checkout and get ready to fall in love with this mesmerizing elixir.

You’ll likely remember from our previous Waterfall ramblings that Helen apprenticed at Paradigm under Heidi Barrett, and led winemaking at Kenzo, Sarocka, Fort Ross, Arrow & Branch, and most recently Bryant Family Vineyard. She was recently on the cover of Wine Spectator and FOOD & WINE named her Winemaker of the Year in 2012. With plenty of accolades under her belt, she is certainly one of the most noteworthy winemakers in Napa.    

This Aglianico hails from El Dorado County and exudes one of the most vibrantly perfumed and dazzling noses we’ve had our schnoz in recently. Blueberries, boysenberries, elderberries, hints of menthol, lilacs, eucalyptus. Is that sweet spice too? And perhaps a little vanilla smoke? Whatever is going on, we love it. The palate is dense with flavor and has generously grippy tannins balanced by an elegant texture and long, pleasing finish.

Wow. This, dear friends, is a fun little wine. If you’re a fan of Helen’s (and that Proprietary Red you hopefully snagged a few weeks ago), this is a must-add to the cellar. $102 a 6-pack with shipping included. Yes!


Vibrantly perfumed with notes of blueberries, boysenberries and elderberries, with hints of menthol, lilacs, eucalyptus and sweet vanilla smoke. The palate is dense with flavor and has generously grippy tannins balanced by an elegant texture and long, pleasing finish.


Boris Guillome is a 20+ year wine industry veteran, having worked in some of California’s best wine establishments.  In 2013, he decided that his next challenge would be to create his own label, so he hired Helen Keplinger as his winemaker and set out to find exceptional sites and the best fruit possible. These wines are pure, focused and spectacular.

Helen Keplinger has a host of accolades and recognitions including being names a winemaker to watch by Wine Spectator in 2011, Winemaker of the Year by FOOD & WINE in 2012, and landing the cover and feature article of Wine Spectator in June 2014. She's led the winemaking programs at Bryant Family, Kenzo, Grace Family, Carte Blanche and her own label, Keplinger.