Basilicata, Southern Italy, Italy
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Stock up on this one while we have it! D’Angelo is one of the standard-bearers in the region!

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D'Angelo is a historical family estate in the heart of the major appellation of Italy's deep Southern region of Basilicata. They have been producing wine on the slopes of Mount Vulture, an acidic volcano (now extinct) since the 1930s, while concentrating on the Aglianico varietal, Southern Italy's king of red grapes (often called “the Nebbiolo of the south”). The winery possesses some of the oldest and most important CRU vineyards on the volcano, benefitting from impeccable exposure and high elevation, as well as mineral rich volcanic soils. The secret to D'Angelo's complexity and character is their higher elevation, which allows for heavy diurnal temperature variations whilst maintaining a strong sun typical of Southern Italy. This concentrates aromas and boosts the intensity of the wines, as well as contributes to the strong acidic backbone and allows for the ripeness to proceed undisturbed.

What this means for you (at our spectacular price) is a bright, juicy, lip-smacking red pumping out bright red berries, crushed flowers and rhubarb -- utterly perfect with tomato-based Italian food or really anything! What a price! While it lasts!