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Dolin Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley 2015  - Invino

Dolin Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley 2015

Pinot Noir  |  US

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What a price on an absolutely fantastic and fresh take on Santa Maria Valley pinot noir! After nearly two decades of micro-producing chardonnay and pinot noir from California’s Central Coast, Dolin has developed relationships with some of the best vineyards in the region. This “backyard winery” will surprise you with the quality and value of their wines...they sure surprised us!

This was one of those “let me double check that label again” tasting sessions. We tasted one sip and looked around the room to see a team of smiling spittoon was necessary here! Then we checked on the vintage...2015! I’m well aware that many a pinot noir just starts to shine at 8 years old, but from a micro-winery like this, without a stated pedigreed vineyard, or famous winemaker at the helm, or even the boast of an overly inflated price point – well, that’s what made this so surprising! In the best possible way... 

Upon a little bit of digging, the folks at Dolin made a few 120-ish cases, single vineyard pinot noir productions from some Santa Maria superstar vineyards – like Bien Nacido (Au Bon Climat, Tyler, Calera, and more) and Solomon Hills (Foxen, Paul Lato, Byron – to name a few) in addition to their focus on their own Malibu Coast wines. Now, I’m not saying this DEFINITELY has Bien Nacido and Solomon Hills fruit in it...but c’mon...they don’t own any other vineyards in Santa Maria, so we’re taking an educated guess – what else could possibly explain the over-the-top deliciousness of this pinot noir? For UNDER $14? It’s worth the gamble, trust me. Utterly classic notes of myriad cherries, crushed raspberries, clove, and cinnamon, soft and juicy throughout, with a kiss of salty sea air, a whisper of heirloom tomato, some pomegranate tea, perhaps? This has almost too much going on...again, in the best possible way. Try some for yourself and see – at this bonker’s price – what have you got to lose?

About the Producer

In the annals of viticulture, the roots of Dolin Malibu Estate Vineyards dig deep into the soil of a backyard Chardonnay vineyard planted by Elliott and Lynn Dolin behind their residence in Malibu. The genesis of this oenophilic endeavor dates back to 2005, when they launched the label, setting forth on a trajectory that would etch their name as prominent vintners within the burgeoning viticultural landscape of Malibu Coast, a region that achieved its American Viticultural Area (AVA) status in the year 2014.

During the early years, their focus revolved around three initial vintages of Chardonnay, stemming from the verdant vines on their estate. However, recognizing the untapped potential of the Malibu region, the winery swiftly expanded its production, encompassing an array of wines sourced from the bountiful terroir. By the midpoint of 2014, Dolin Malibu Estate Vineyards introduced a distinguished line of Central Coast Pinot Noir wines, harvested from prestigious vineyards including Talley Rincon, Bien Nacido, and Solomon Hills.

At the helm of winemaking artistry is Kirby Anderson, orchestrating the crafting of these wines within a Central Coast facility, bringing forth the essence of the region in each bottle, a testament to a remarkable journey that began with a humble backyard vineyard.

  • WinemakerKirby Anderson
  • CountryUS
  • RegionCalifornia
  • AppellationCentral Coast
  • Alcohol14.1%