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September 2012

"Let's say that, (a) you live somewhere in this semi-mythical, vinological/gastronomical region called Wine Country and you've grown accustomed to consuming a bottle or two (or more) a week even though your choices are hit-or-miss, or that, (b) You live in Fargo, Fond du Lac, or Philadelphia, where virtually all the wine is either from somewhere else or not worth drinking, and on occasion you've had great wine, you'd like to buy some more, but you don't really have a clue what to buy, where to buy it, or what it's really worth." Read the article.

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July 2012

"The inClub [by invino] lets you create a personalized shopping experience by letting you select your favorite varietals and regions and apply them to customized shipping. And, if you find something you like, you can check out their inStock feature, which keeps an inventory of favorite labels so you can order more." Read the article.

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June 2012

"A growing number of sites -- including, [....] -- offer a rotating selection of bottles at steep discounts. The sales last for a few hours or days, or until the wine sells out, whichever happens first." Read the article.

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May 2012

"A new group of middlemen is emerging in the U.S. wine business, using “flash-deal,” Groupon-like tactics to connect consumers with wineries and brands at very appealing prices. The deal sites are seen as prime launchpads for upstart labels or established wineries looking to develop a second brand using excess wine that otherwise could have been sold on the bulk market." Read the article.

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July 2011

"With daily sales of new discoveries and prized wines from around the globe offered at up to 80 percent off retail price, it [invino] is sure to delight the most sophisticated connoisseur and everyday enthusiasts alike." Read the article.

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May 2011

"The [invino] prices can make an oenophile’s heart race. The curated selection of wines is discounted up to 70 percent—and it’s not just local juice." Read the article.

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April 2011

"On today’s APP-tastic and outta SITE the Invino site. Think of it as
Groupon for high-quality wines." Read the article.

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March 2011

"For a new undertaking that offers up advice even the Yorks might listen to, check out Invino's Insider Sommelier Sourcing Service." Read the article.

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February 2011

"Were he alive today, Copernicus would’ve been floored by InVino. They specialize in a whole world of quality wines that would normally break the bank, selling bottles at discounts of up to 80%." Read the article.

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March 2010

"Hosting 45-60 sales a month, the site’s [Winery Insider] master sommeliers handpick high-quality varietals from around the world from both big and small producers like Beringer Vineyards, Chateau St. Jean, and Bell Wine Cellars." Read the article.